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5 — 26 FeB 2011

White Space // Office for curating / art / theory Militärstrasse 76, 8004 Zürich www.whitespace.ch Boaz arad & Miki kratsMan ariella azoulay diego Castro FranCesCo Finizio thoMas galler roee rosen anna Wit t hannes zeBedin Und die Sammlung von rudi Maier: «So geht Revolution» — WeRbung ...


Any topics not specifically covered in this bulletin should be directed to whitespace's Customer Care at: 1-877-805-9428 Before starting installation inspect for: Concealed damage, Manufacturing defects and Shipping errors (example: wrong color, style, etc.) Warranties: whitespace specifically ...

Generalizing Overloading for C++2000

Basic Whitespace Overloading Here, I describe the more innovative and powerful mechanism for overloading whitespace. Consider x*y. In programming languages (e.g. Fortran, Pascal, and C++), this is the conventional notation for multiplying two values.

Whitespace: a revolution in wireless communications?

A workshop hosted by Cambridge Consultants Cambridge Consultants recently hosted an event for key opinion leaders in the wireless industry. Seeding the debate with the primary focus on 'Whitespace: a revolution in wireless communications?', we asked delegates to examine what the shape of the ...

Whitespace Waste Software Support Verdant's Major Recycling ...

Press Information 1 Whitespace Waste Software Support Verdant's Major Recycling, Refuse and Street Cleansing Contract Verdant has chosen Whitespace Waste Software's Power Suite to provide operational support for its new , integrated recycling, refuse and street cleansing service for South ...

About PM Group

Press Release PM Group and Whitespace Waste Software today announce a joint marketing agreement. Geoff Mountain, PM Onboard's Chief Executive says "It is PM Groups intention to work with Whitespace Software on specific projects where material cooperation is required for success of our joint ...


From An Atlas of Radical Cartography (Journal of Aesthetics & Protest Press, 2007) Institute Design2Context is pleased to present ‹An Atlas of Radical Cartography› from January, 15th 2010 till February, 9thth 2010 at Whitespace Gallery in Zurich.

Removing XML whitespace in structured FrameMaker documents

scriptorium 3 Of course, there are some elements that preserve whitespace, such as the DITA <pre> or <codeblock> elements. The transform is aware of these and deals with them correctly.

Whitespace: a revolution in wireless communications

9 December 2009 What are the key technical drivers for whitespace radio? How do we make the most of white spaces? Whitespace : a revolution in wireless communications?

XEP-0304: Whitespace Keepalive Negotiation

XEP-0304: Whitespace Keepalive Negotiation Ming Ji mailto:mingj@cisco : com xmpp:mingj@cisco : com 2011-08-18 Version0.1 Status Type Short Name Experimental Standards Track NOT_YET_ASSIGNED This specification defines a method for negotiating how to send keepalivesin XMPP.