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Vibrational spectra of the alkaline earth double carbonates

American Mineralogist, Volume 62, pages 36-50, 1977 Vibrational spectra of the alkaline earth double carbonates BnnRv E. ScHrrrz AND WILLIAM B. WHtrE M aterials Research Laboratory and Department of Geosciences The Pennsyluania State Uniuersity, Uniuersity Park, Pennsyluania 16802 Abstract Raman ...

Sonar Image Processing: An Application of Template Matching ...

This means that the map objects that have to be considered as possibie identifications of each template (unknown) object can be limited to those within.some sinall distance of whtre the robot thinks each object actually is.

Matter of Hunt v Klein

Transport Workers’ Union ofAmerica, 6 N.Y.3d 332,336 (2005). Whtre the parties have submitted to compulsory arbitration, judicial scrutiny is stricter than that

Uniform Code of Military Justice

The advisability of h~ving affiedicul officer on the court or board in such tl case is apparent..J'ter convening, the court or board will first proceed to the place whtre the body may be,


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An exuninotion conduotad by a doctor of orrteopathy, a physicii's assistant, or a pedktrio nurse pisctitioner will be reoognizod for states whtre they may perform physical cxaminstions to students enrolled in public school systems.


The "spccial provisions" ah: aimafi or motorboat ust whtre they werc established (16 U.S.C. ' 1 133(d)(l)I; measures for control of fire, kcts and diseases (16 U.S.C. 1133(d)(l)); conduct of mineral survtys (16 U.S.C. 1133(d)(2)); location of mining claims until the tnd of 1983 (16U.S.C. 1133(d)(3)); continued mineral ...


The lowest potential for rucovery is whtre all the facilit!es are destroyed and recovery would re-quire complete reconstruction oi the original facilities (which would not be feasible in a short time, as a general rule).

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... iollow~ng items wlth the completed fon: Continuation Sheets Maps 4 USGS map (7 5 or 15 mlnure sene11 lnd~canng the properry'r locatton < sketch map tor hlsronc dihtncu and propemer having large acreage or numerous resources Photographs Representarlve black and whtre phorasraphs oi the propew Additional items ...