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Wiccan Clergy Psychother#22

1 The ethics of a dual relationship, psychotherapist and Wiccan clergy Ellen C. Friedman City University

THE WICCAN READ ISSUE NO.1- The Number #1 Web- Magazinefor ...

THE WICCAN READ  22 nd Sept. 2009. ISSUE NO.1 - The Number #1 Web-Magazine for those Interested in the Craft! FREE

Chapter Five Ritual Construction and Tools

Within the Department of Corrections most volunteers use this ritual to begin the healing process of the Wiccan, Witch and Pagan inmate so that growth and acceptance of their crimes can free them on a spiritual level so that they may move forward in a positive manner.

The Founding Fathers of Wicca

A Wiccan ritual takes place within the sacred space of a circle. 25 Every ritual begins with the casting of this circle. In Gardner’s opening ritual, the High Priest and

"A Religion of Nature; A Religion of Equality; The Religion ...

The purpose of this presentation is to give an overview of the Wiccan religion, therefore , although, it covers many aspects of the Wiccan religion, such as its origin, long history, and practices and beliefs, it does not cover all aspects of the Wiccan religion nor could such a small ...

WICCA, a nature religion Nov 2007

Thanks to archaeological discoveries, there is evidence that the origins of Wiccan beliefs can be traced back to Pre-Christian time when people worshipped, for example, a

Reaching Out to Wiccans

Video: Introduce the download video clip, Wicca: The New Witches , by stating that you're going to hear a basic explanation of the Wiccan religion from Marcia Montenegro, a former astrologer turned Christian missionary.


DRUIDIC RITUAL THE AR nDRAIOCHT FEIN OUTLINE OF WORSHIP A BRIEFING FOR NEWCOMERS Bright blessings, and welcome! This pamphlet is an introduction to the structure and meaning of our Pagan worship.

Ceremonial Magick for Wiccans: A Complete Introduction

If there is any conflict between your Wiccan Path and Ceremonial Magick over a specific method or point of dogma, go for the Wiccan way (at least for a start). 2.3.2 Correspondence systems The greatest contribution that Ceremonial Magick can make to the day-to-day operations of the average Wiccan coven ...

Witchcraft and Wicca FAQ

So; while I consider myself a Celtic Wiccan, I also consider myself a Witch and perhaps part Shaman too because I utilize and blend aspects of all three.