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WICCA Lessons in beginning in the Wiccan Tradition

Lessons in beginning in the Wiccan Tradition 1 WICCA Lessons in beginning in the Wiccan Tradition By Star Danser Material reproduced here with the kind permission of Avalonia www.avalonia.co. uk

Wiccan Covens: How to start and organize your own

Wiccan Covens: How to start and organize your own by Judy Harrow Citadel Press. 1999 285 pages. $12.95 paper Reviewed by Fritz Muntean Originally published in THE POMEGRANATE: The Journal of Pagan Studies.

The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients

The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients A Wiccan Guide to Spellcasting The only book that helps you personalize your spells with Herbs ◦ Spices ◦ Flowers ◦ Vegetables ◦ Fruits ◦ Metals ◦ and more!

All One Wicca:Introduction

The Wiccan belief in Karma can easily be used by the confused as a tool of victimization, and to say I've never heard a so-called Wiccan say that an innocent victim deserved their trauma would be an outright lie.

Witchcraft Today By Gerald B. Gardner

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Standard Library Project: Pagan Print Media :

13) Wiccan Beliefs & Practices by Cantrell, Gary Publisher: Llewellyn, 2001 ISBN: 1567181120 Written for the solitary witch or non-traditional small coven; includes crucial information not found in other introductory Wiccan books.

T he C omplete W icca H andbook

I ntroduction In general terms, a Wiccan is a person who has adopted the universal beliefs that are shared by Wiccans worldwide. These beliefs are far less rigid than conventional religions and generally are based on the laws of nature and true spiritualism.

The Ritual Magic Manual

2 At the close of the Twentieth Century, as well as of the Millennium, we live under very different conditions than did the Magicians of earlier times.

Goddess' Worship and Wicca. 4. Islam's goddess' worship

Islam and Goddess Worship Image: a) the sign of Islam; b) the sign of the Great Goddess Index: Allah and his family The Three Goddesses Al-Lat Manat al-Uzza The Satanic Verses Islam is the largest and fastest growing cult or religion in the world.


Discuss the Law of Karma, and how the Wiccan Rede (interpreted properly) becomes more of a safety rule than a Commandment.