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Yahoo! Widget Engine

Framework Development Methodology The design and implementation of TV Widgets is based on a Framework Development methodology. The Yahoo! Widget KONtx Framework is a flexible application generator which supports the creation of all types of TV Widgets.

BusinessObjects BI Widgets XI 3.1 User Guide

Contents Introduction 5 Chapter1 BI Widgets benefits..... 6 Getting to Know BIW idgets 7 Chapter2 How BIWidgets works ..... 8 BI Widgets Features ...


INFORMATION With BI Widgets, Anyone from the CEO to the Newest Hire Can Get the Information that Matters to Them Right from Their Desktop LEVERAGE YOUR BI PLATFORM INVESTMENT Secured BI is available to any user's desktop by capitalizing on BusinessObjects Enterprise robust platform capabilities, such as ...

Develop HTMLwidgets with Dojo

Dojo0.4 andcomposite widgets Dojo0.4 introduces anew way to define composite widgets inside HTML templates with widgetsInTemplate attribute. Discussing this feature is outside of the boundaries of this tutorial.

REALTOR.com Search Gadget/Widget Frequently Asked Questions

"Gadgets" or "Widgets" as they are sometimes called, are a collection of easy to use mini programs that provide quick bits of information at a glance and provide easy access to frequently used tools from the desktop computer.

FSWidgets EFBFSX Operators Manual - Index

FSWidgets - EFB for FSX 3 EFBFSX Operators Manual - Revised 3/18/2011 Copyright © 2011 FSWidgets Introduction to EFBFSX The EFBFSX ( Electronic Flight Bag for FSX ) is a software-based display system intended primarily for the simulated cockpit or flight deck.

Widgets for SAP BusinessObjects User Guide

Contents Understanding Widgets ..... 5 Chapter 1 Guidelines for creating content for widgets..... 5 1.1 Installing Widgets for SAP ...

Tix Widget Set

1 INTRODUCTION 1 1 Introduction The Tix (Tk Interface Extension) library provides an additional rich set of widgets to Tk/Tkinter. Although the standard Tklibraryhasmany useful widgets, they are far from complete.

Tiger, Dashboard, and Widgets

1 Tiger, Dashboard, and Widgets If you have had a chance to play with Dashboard widgets, you know how useful they are. Although widgets cover applications when they're active, most of the time this won't negatively affect your work.


PAPER WIDGETS: DISTRIBUTED "SMARTS"FOR PAPER DOCUMENTS WITH HUMAN-READABILITY Serene Banerjee, Yogesh Sankarasubramani am, Krusheel Munnangi, Anjaneyulu Kuchibhotla HPLabsIndia, Bangalore, India ABSTRACT Traditional1 Dand 2 Dbarcodesprovidehighdata density, but ...