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Form MHD56298 • A copy of our "Safe Operating Practices" Manuals are always available free of charge either by downloading it from our Technical Publications website @ www.airwinch.com or by contacting the Factory at (800) 866-5457 for North America and (206) 624-0466 for International.

Universal Winch Mounting Channel

Page 2 For technical questions, please call 1‑800‑444‑3353. SKU 90476 9. Do not mount or use winch when tired or when under the influence of drugs or medication.

Hydraulics to the Rescue

It is designed specifi cally for dozer applications, incorporating key features that add maximum value to the users. The Allied H4A winch addresses the winch requirements of the new generation of small

Tulsa Winch

48 SPRING preview Global Petroleum Show 2006 Tulsa Winch Playing It Safe: How Your Winch Impacts Your Bottom Line I n the oil fields of East Texas, Jimmy Frye doesn't have time for winches that don't live up to his expectations.

Owners Manual

drive. Your new FISH. FISHvl/INCH by Lagerslone Ree/s Owners Manual Introduction Thank you for purchasing your FISH WINCH electric fishing reel drive.


SKUs 40764, 93752, for technical questions, please call 1-800-444-3353. Page 3 & 91905 Save This Manual You will need the manual for the safety warnings and precautions, assembly instructions, operating and maintenance procedures, parts list and diagram.

2,500/3,500 LB. POLARIS WINCH KIT (ATv)

2,500/3,500 LB. POLARIS WINCH KIT (ATv) Qty.*Part*Description** * * * * Part*Number 1* Winch*Sub*Assembly *includes: * Winch, Mtg Brackets-----* Roller Fairlead ** * * * * *-----* Electrical Cables * * * * * * 2875996 * Hook Asm.

Use of a portable capstan winch and associated hand tools in ...

Abstract FERIC evaluated the use of a small, portable capstan winch to move felled trees to the extraction trail in a first thinning operation. The winch and appropriate hand tools increased efficiency and productivity, since manual handling of processed wood in "cut-and-pile" operations makes ...

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Ramsey Winch Introduces the RAMSEY REP ...

April 19, 2005 For More Information, Contact Daniel Palm @ (918) 234-2149 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Ramsey Winch Introduces the RAMSEY REPAIR PROGRAM


ACCESS WINCH WITH HANDLES 40.2STAACCSH Instruction Manual Harken does not accept any responsibility for damage or harm caused by failure to follow the safety