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"Plug 'n Play" Winches for All Caterpillar Tractors

1 2008 VOL. 27 NO. 2 A series of "Plug 'n Play" hydraulic winches are now available from Allied to fi t on any non-winch ready Cate rpillar tractors.


Winches Title Date Media # TypeLa Page Size Begin S/N End S/N 528 WINCH 01/01/1977 SEBP1132 PB E 16 6 X 9 67V1 528 WINCH 02/01/1980 SEBP1132-01 PB E 24 ...

Experience the Power of Pullmaster Planetary Winches

Strength You Can Depend On Pullmaster ® planetary winches are backed by the strength of TWG, a global leader in the development and manufacture of standard and engineered winch, gearbox and load information systems for worldwide industries.

User Instruction Manual Salalift® and Salalift® II Winches ...

5 DESCRIPTIONS SALALIFT® Winches: L1850-60: 60 feet of 1/4 inch galvanized wire rope, carrying bag. L1850-60S: 60 feet of 1/4 inch stainless steel wire rope, carrying bag.

S legislation in NSW

1 CRANES, HOISTS AND WINCHES GUIDANCE FOR THE PROVISIONS OF CRANES, HOISTS AND WINCHES UNDER OH&S LEGISLATION IN NSW 1. INTRODUCTION The Occupational Health and Safety Act 2000 (the Act) and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 2001 (the Regulation) places obligations on designers ...

Winches UsedWith Synthetic Web Tie Downs

2 SECTION1.3 DEFINITION OF TERMS BREAKING STRENGTH- The load in pounds or kilograms at which point any load bearing part of the winc h fails. DEFORMATION- Visible damage, distortion or misshaping of any of a winch component.

Winch Index

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Standby winches shall be inspected at least semi-annually WARNING in accordance with the requirements of "Frequent Inspect ion". If abnormal operating conditions apply winches may require a more frequent inspection.

Harken's New Radial Winches

FEBRUARY 2010 Boating Industry Canada Boating Industry Canada 9 [ PROPULSION ] B Y A NDY A DAMS Y ou could say that winches are the engine of every large sailboat, helping the sailor to haul in far higher loads, far faster than their strength could normally manage and also trimming the sails by ...


FULTON HAND WINCHES Single Speed & Two Speed SELECTING A HAND WINCH There are two series of Fulton hand winches from the BHW Group - the 'T' and 'K' series.