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A purpose designed door locking system with integral guard bar.

The modular construction of Winkhaus STV system helps to ensure the simple adaptation and fitting to all types of external doors, independent of their material and construction.

F R O M R E P L A C E M E N T S T O R E F - U R B I S H M E N ...

LTD Double L Joinery was formed in May 1992 following a management buy out from previous employers, Lafford and Leavey Manufacturing Ltd. Retaining the most skilled tradesmen and the modern plant, the company was reorganised to suit the early nineties recession in which the building industry ...

Woodgrain-Textured Fiberglass

Caming options Custom Decorative Glass Brass Zinc (silver) Patina (black) Anti-slam feature Winkhaus Anti-Slam prevents hook latches from extending when the door is open.

Cutaway Cylinders and Their Locking Technique (Part 1)

Exploded View—Winkhaus Titan As there are a least 25 extra holes necessary for security features 3 and 4 on the inside of the cylinder. Winkhaus made a second housing around the plug where the holes are which block the cylinder.

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A Winkhaus multi-point lock may be fitted and shall be bedded onto Pyromas 'A' Intumescent Mastic. Rebate conversion kits bedded onto intumescent mastic may be used on rebated double-leaf doorsets.

Hardware List VP

... DC1851 chain bolt VP240 [PDS] Lockwood 530 or 930 or 950 Deadlatch 2 VP120 [PDS] Glutz GDS-0148-A-SS VP240 Glynn Johnson FB41T or FB41B Autolatch 3 VP30/VP60 [PDS] Schlage D Model 14-043 VP120 [PDS] UDM FR Roller Latch VP240 [PDS] UDM Autobolt VP240 [PDS] UDM Chain latch VP240 [PDS] Weider Model 180 VP240 [PDS] Winkhaus ...


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Современная дверная фурнитура Winkhaus

Winkhaus Современная дверная фурнитура Winkhaus Функциональные, безопасные, надежные Входная дверь - это визитная карточка нашего дома.

Poznaj produkty Winkhaus do okien i drzwi drewnianych!

Winkhaus Polska Okucia drzwiowe Zamek wielopunktowy z 2 dodatkowymi ryglami Zamek typu STV-M2 wyposażony jest w dodatkowe masywne rygle u góry i na dole skrzydła.

Winkhaus Polska Okucia do okien z PCW, drewna i aluminium

Jako*SÊ potwierdzona certyfikatami Produkcja okuÊ Winkhaus odbywa siÍ zgodnie z surowymi przepisami Unii Europejskiej o ochronie *Srodowiska naturalnego.