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sit alongside the child and call name while gently rubbing the child; 3. if the child doesn't respond repeat 1 & 2 every 5 minutes until the child wakes; 4. if after 15 minutes the child has not woken lift the child onto your lap and speak gently to the child.

The Sacroiliac Joint in a Horse

Have you ever woken up, rolled over and thought, "Ouch; this isn't going to be a very good day!" as the pain radiates from your lower back down your leg to behind your knee?

Flight Safety magazine Sep-Oct 2002 - P 24-29

The next time you're woken for work urgently or find yourselftired during a shift, take some time to protect yourself and others from the potentially dangerous effects ofsleep inertia and microsleeps.

WIZARDECO100 Speed/AreaMeter

Wizard'ECO100'automaticallygoesinto 'standby'modeafter10minutesofnon use and'woken'by1sensorpulse-thisprolongs batterylife. 'LoBatt'indication-advisesofbatteryreplacement toavoidoperatorusingmachinewithoutWizard'ECO100' information.

ECRHS II – Interviewer Administered Questionnaire

Have you been woken by an attack of shortness of breath at any time in the NO YES last 12 months? IF NO GO TO Q6, IF YES 5.1 Have you been woken by an attack of shortness of breath in the NO YES last 3 months ?

Standardized Concussion Assessment Tool (SCAT)

You should not be left alone and must go to a hospital at once if you: • Have a headache that gets worse • Are very drowsy or can't be awakened (woken up) • Can't recognize people or places • Have repeated vomiting • Behave unusually or seem confused; are very irritable • Have seizures (arms ...

Studies of Brain Activity

Result: pps woken in REM reported dreaming about 80% of the time, compared to only 15% of the time for those woken in NREM sleep. Pps could quite accurately estimate the length of time they had been dreaming.


Some people with PWS will do anything to Email: pws@. com Email: pws@. com Other Symptoms/Characteristics: •Small Hands & Feet •Short Stature •Down-turned Mouth need to be woken up to eat.

Tracking RFI

Is there a sleep mode? Can the devise be woken upon command and/or motion? 8. What are antenna capabilities/requirements? 9. Delineate all costs involved.


be executed by a set of woken trackers to select an optimal set of trackers for the task in question. This paper is organized as follows: The proposed multi