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FINAL REPORT WIRELESS EMERGENCY OCTOBER 2001 RESPONSE TEAM 7 1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report documents the Key Learnings and Recommendations of the Wireless Emergency Response Team (WERT).


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T his will be my final editorial for VoxMeDal . If it seems like just last issue that I took over as editor; you are quite perceptive. I agreed to assume the position to help this publication over the transition to an electronic version.


(Continued on page 9) (Continued on page 10) Officer Evan Triveri Captain Ed Wrixon 2. A Letter from the Mayor The Cresskill Education Foundation (CEF) ...

The University of British Columbia

... Khanbhai Dr. Andrzej Koczapski Dr. Raymond Lam Dr. Irena Straszak Dr. David Ward Dr. Wahan Wanis Dr. Allan Wong Dr. Katherine Wrixon Dr. Timothy Yuswack Dr. Elisabeth Zoffman C URRICULUM C OMMITTEE : ...

Response to radiological accidents: the role of the ...

Radioprotection 2001 Vol. 36, no 4, pages 459 à 475 Article Response to radiological accidents: the role of the International Atomic Energy Agency I. TURAI', M. CRICK', c. NOGUEIRA DE OLIVEIRA', P. ORTIZ-LOPEZI, A. WRIXON' (Munuscript received 31 July 2001, uccepted 29 August 2001) The ...

Indicative Atlas of Radon in England and Wales

Wrixon AD, Green BMR, Lomas PR, Miles JCH, Cliff KD, Francis EA, Driscoll CMH, James MC and O'Riordan MC (1988). Natural radiation exposure in UK dwellings.

Robert Wrixon Managing Director

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2 who's who in cresskill MESSAGES FROM YOUR cHiEF OF POLicE, ED wRiXON Joe and carmela Ferrito are known to many people in town: in Borough Hall, the schools, the senior citizens center.