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Thus, the XCOMP SUBJ is left as the only available antecedent in sentences like (3). Since this subject has got its reference from a element outside the XCOMP in (3b), namely Angus , the binding effects also find an explanation within LFG.

The English Auxiliary System Revisited*

(21) (* XCOMP PART ) = c PAST This is, of course, inconsistent with the aux-feature analysis. Furthermore, it is based on the assumption that the selection of the past participle by have is an f-structure property.

An Algorithm for Functional Uncertainty

A specification for" a broader class of topiealization sentences might be ( 1' TOPIC)={ T COMP* GF), where GF denotes the set of primitive grammatical functions {SUFU, OgJ, OBJY, XCOMP, ...}.

Lexical Functional Grammar

SUB PRED'Mary' NUM-PL GEND +FEM PERS 3rd PRED 'consider <SUB, XCOMP> (OBJ)' TENSE-PAST OBJ PRED'John' NUM-PL GEND-FEM PERS 3rd i XCOMP SUB[] i PRED'boring <SUB>' This notation indicates that the two coindexed f-structures are identical in all respects.

Gerlof Bouma and Jonas Kuhn: On the split nature of the Dutch ...

an (↑OBJ ) = ( ↑XCOMP SUBJ ) annotation. A grammar fragment based on Kaplan and Zaenen’s grammar is given in (7). An analysis of a simple laten -causative under

ñ Equicomplement: saturated (clausal) or not?

(16) [Will Gonzo ever quit smoking?]He might. 13 Summary of the syntactic issues Raising is gener ally considered to be functional control out of an open complement (XCOMP).

Functional and Anaphoric Control in Arabic - The ParGram ...

with an XCOMP • Complement of agree is an anaphorically controlled COMP, while the complement of try is a functionally controlled XCOMP. • Obligatory control constructions = functional control


The initial topic is the XCOMP selected by the matrix predicate, and the effective grammatical subject of the clause seems to be the inner bracketed part of the topic ein Aussenseiter : the matrix verb shows agreement in present tense (examples in (18) from Haider (2002)), and this subject has ...

Chapter 3 The CHILDES GR Annotation Scheme

XCOMP(watching-3, likes-2) Mary wants me to watch a movie. XCOMP(watch-5, wants-2) • PRED: used to identify a predicate nominal or predicate adjective of the subject of verbs such as be and become .

Classes of Grammatical Functions

36820. GRAMMATICAL FUNCTIONS Y. N. Falk Classes of Gmtcl Functions, p. 1 Basic groups of grammatical functions • argument functions: SUBJ , OBJ , various oblique functions, COMP , XCOMP • adjunct functions: ADJ , XADJ • grammaticized discourse functions: FOCUS , TOPIC The adjunct functions ...