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Call Carey Yarem at 787-7799 or Heidi Jones at 907-4505 with membership questions. Pool information is also available online at devengerplace.org/pool

Names of Alums Attending 50th Anniversary Gala

Names of Alums Attending 50 th Anniversary Gala Douglas Kabak, 75 Robert Stickles, 66 Michael Yuska, 69 Peter Ronald Yarem, 68 Larry Matthews, 64

Riverside Elementary West Principal: Mr. Paul M. Brennan

Guidance Guidance Mr. J. T. Yarem Mr. J. T. Yarem November has crept up on us all. October did provide for some exciting events here at Riverside West.

Riverside Elementary West Principal: Mr. Paul M. Brennan

Guidance Guidance Mr. J. T. Yarem Mr. J. T. Yarem Happy New Year to Everyone! The month of January can be a difficult month in an elementary school.

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Deacs top UMass, 4-1, to end skid

However, a defensive letdown with two minutes remaining allowed Yarem to score again. The game carried into overtime, but both teams refused to give up another goal.


Bourne, Oregan Anderson Placer Tom Yarem Sunny Valley, Oregon Baker Flat Placer John E. White Grants Pass, Oregon Buddy Placer Jack Lewis Central Point, Oregon Bear Placer George Foster

Dryness Impact Survey Report Badakhshan, Afghanistan

... Shahran, Usnemat) Kohistan Medair 15,586 10 HH from 5 villages (Jergraing-e Bala, Zermech-e Payan, Lab-e Ob, Turchud, Barikham) Raghistan Medair 28,927 10 HH from 5 villages (Jugshud, Arjush, Bakhshega, Siabdasht, Gulahmadan) Shuhada Afghanaid 26,430 25 HH from 5 villages (Zarghab, Dasht-e Said, Pejoj, Yarem, Bostan) ...


Members of the 2011-2012 School Improvement Council are: *Andrea Hargette Shirlette Imes Jodi LaValla Cristina Canoutas LaVelle McCray Ken Peterson Susan Manuel Carey Yarem Anne Martin Mona Fattah Marleen Hygema-Baker Rob Davis ...