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Far Eastern Economic Review Innovation Awards 2003

Nomination for the Far East Economic Review Asian Innovation Awards 2003 in association with Global Entrepolis @ Singapore Light Pipes: An Innovative Design Device for Bringing Natural Daylight and Illumination into Buildings with Deep Floor Plan (Patent Applied) Submission by: • T.R. Hamzah & Yeang Sdn ...

Dr. Ken Yeang

Canning Town Tower Dr. Ken Yeang Director Qualifications Role Years of experience AA Dip., PhD. (Cantab), FRSA, RIBA, ARAIA, AP AM, FRSIA, Hon. FAIA, Hon. FRIAS, DMPN, Plym Professor (U. of Illinois) , Adjunct Professor (U. of Hawaii) Design Director 33 Great Ormond Street Hospital Dr. Ken Yeang ...

Green Construction for Sustainable Living Sustainability ...

Ken Yeang is a Malaysian architect and writer best known for developing environmental design solutions for high-rise buildings. As a principle of T.R. Hamzah & Yeang in Kuala Lumpur, he pioneered the passive low-energy design of skyscrapers, what he has called "bioclimatic" design.

an analysis into the tropical highrisesof Ken Yeang

Linking bioclimatic theory and environmental performance in its climatic and cultural context-an analysis into the tropical highrisesof Ken Yeang PuteriShireenJahnkassim, PhD (1) Kenneth Ip, PhD (2) (1) Department of Building Technology and Engineering Kuliyyahof Architecture and Environmental ...

Green Design From Theory to Practice

Dr. Ken Yeang - Opening Remarks 1 Green Design 1 From Theory to Practice 2 The Jerusalem Seminar in Architecture 3 4 Opening Remarks: Dr. Ken Yeang 5 6 Thank you very much Arthur, It took a while for my mother to recognize that 7 she loves me, eventually she said that she loved me 8 9 I want to ...

LESSON FIVE: Designing for the Future

LESSON FIVE: Designing for the Future L E S S O N S 22 IMAGE NINETEEN: Ken Yeang. Elephant and Castle Eco Towers, London. Project: 2000. Section plan, preliminary scheme. 2000.

Menara Mesiniaga

Architecture 489 Erica Leigh Walczak Structure Innovations Menara Mesiniaga Ken Yeang The Menara Mesiniaga is the headquarters for IBM in Subang Jaya near Kuala Lumpur.

C017_Fleurke_Nikky_Sustainable Urban Design Approaches

Ken Yeang has shown a long tradition in combining a large amount of design parameters on large-scale building projects. His buildings feature amongst others vertical landscaping, zoning principles, stepped terraces, wind scoops usage, eco-land bridges, vertical linked enclosed atria and smart energy ...

Elephant & Castle Eco-Tower

Fall 2006 Yeang, Ken. The Green Skyscraper:The Basis for Designing Sustainable Intensive Buildings. Prestel. New York 1999 Yeang, Ken. Reinventing the Skyscraper.

Green Design

Green Design Ken Yeang © 2005 1. Saving our environment is the most vital issue that humankind must address today, feeding into our fears that this millennium may be our last.