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Crop Monitoring and Zadoks Growth Stages for Wheat

Crop Monitoring and Zadoks Growth Stages for Wheat Dr Maarten Stapper, CSIRO Plant Industry, GPO Box 1600, Canberra ACT 2601 Contents Introduction 2 Growth stages 2 Figure 1.


the most common. One advantage of using a uniform plant identification system, such as the Feekes or Zadoks scale, is enhanced communication among growers, research and extension faculty, and consultants.

Wheat Growth Stage Development

Wheat Growth Stage Development The pictures and descriptions are representative of a wheat variety grown in the midwest using Feekes scale with the appropriate Zadoks stage below.

This Week’s Citation Classic® O~1~85

Jan C. Zadoks Laboratory of Phytopathology Agricultural University 6709 PD Wageningen The Netherlands August 21, 1985 Travelling through Europe’s wheat fields

Cereal Growth Stages

Zadoks Growth Stage GS 00 - 09 GS10 - 19 GS20 - 29 GS30 - 39 GS40 - 49 Development phase Germination Seedling growth Tillering Stem elongation Booting Zadoks Growth Stage GS 50 - 59 GS60 - 69 GS70 - 79 GS80 - 89 GS90 - 99 Development phase Ear emergence Flowering Milk Development (grain fill period) Dough Development (grain ...

PowerPoint Presentation - Wheat Vegetative Growth or Tillering

Vegetative growth or tillering Wheat growth begins in the Fall with seed germination, followed in a few days by seedling emergence. Feekes: 1 Zadoks: 05 10 Remember…

Epidemiology of mastitis: paradigms, pattern and parables by ...

Epidemiology of mastitis: paradigms, pattern and parables by Y.H. Schukken, R.N. Zadoks, L. Tikofsky et al. - PDF only. In: Proceedings of the 23rd World Buiatrics Congress, Canada, 2004.

Small Grain Production Guide 2011

Growth And Development 3 ¾ Of Head Visible Feekes 10.4 Zadoks 56 Fully Headed Feekes 10.5 Zadoks 58 Flowering Feekes 10.51 to 10.53 Zadoks 60 to 68 Figure 1-3 .

Zadoks decimal code

Zadoks Code DC CEREAL GROWTH STAGES Important notes on herbicide application and crop development 00 03 05 07 10 SOWING Germination, seed swollen Radicle emerged from seed Coleoptile emerged from seed EMERGENCE Knockdown herbicides such as glyphosate, paraquat and Spray.seed ® can be used up ...

Vegetative Growth And Tillering

The first easily Growth And Development 2 Emergence Feekes 1 Zadoks 11 Three leaves Feekes 1 Zadoks 13 First Tiller Feekes 2 Zadoks 21 Three Tillers Feekes 2 Zadoks 23 Tillering Ends Feekes 4-5 Zadoks 30 Figure 1-1 .