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2 LEGAL DISCLAIMER The zapper devices by Frequency Generation are made according to the most recent published designs by Hulda Clark Ph.D., N.D. Dr. Hulda Clark defines a Zapper as any unit that generates a positive offset frequency between 10 Hz a nd 500,000 Hz using a 9 - volt battery.

Building your Own Zapper

Fredbuster Page 1 02/02/03 Building your Own Zapper Disclaimer: This circuit is very similar to the one used in Don's Terminator, but the Terminator contains other devices & feature not shown here.


QUICK-START GUIDE Rat Zapper ULTRA Open the Battery Compartment: The Rat Zapper Ultra battery compartment is located on the top of the unit. To open, pull the securing tab back then lift the battery compartment door.

Problems Logging In ?

Problems Logging In ? 1. In Internet Explorer, on the Tools menu, click Pop-up Blocker . 2. Click Pop-up Blocker Settings . 3. Under " Address of website to allow" field, key in below websites:-*.zapper.net-*. paysonnel.com 4.

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SPAM Zapper's customer support has been excellent, with every question being answered quickly and professionally. I highly recommend SPAM Zapper to anyone that's looking to make the nuisance of Spam a thing of the past.*****

Wii Zapper Components

Configuration 1: Zapper - Nunchuk Attached Both the Wii Remote and Nunchuk are attached to the Wii Zapper. See pages 4-5 for details. You can use this setup either right or left handed.

The Differences Between Rife, Bare, Clark, Beck Zappers

His zapper is a low frequency bipolar device originally designed to treat HIV. At this original writing of this article it used a 27V signal at 4Hz, although, like Clark's zapper, frequency is stated not to be important.

Copyright by Dr. Hulda Clark and New Century Press. Copyright ...

Use only a zapper. [On MiniFG you can choose a specific frequency of the tapeworm and use positiv offset square wave (P3) which is the zapper.]

The Rife Frequency Book

The Rife Frequency Book The Electro Therapy Device Frequency List (Formerly CAFL) v2011-06-07 © ETDFL ASSOCIATION 2011 Dr Royal Rife