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Sexual Health in Drug and Alcohol Treatment

I was fortunate to fi nd all three in my collaboration with Jim Zians. Jim expertly guided the evolution of this project from clinical concept to funded grant to measurable intervention.

LGBT San Diego’s Trailblazing Generation: - housing ...

Jim Zians, Ph.D. was hired to be the research consultant for the needs assessment. Dr. Zians had previous experience as the research consultant for an LGBT senior needs

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A UMI Dissertation

Andrea Zians, A Oualitative Analysis of How Experts Use and Interpret the Kinetic School Drawinq Technicrue. Department of Human Development and Applied PSy~h010gy~ Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto, Master of Arts, 1997.

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1 / 7 AS2001_02ArbeitsunfaelleVortrag Arbeitsunfälle Vortrag vom 29.1.2001 Mittelstandsvereinigung ST.VITH Guido ZIANS, Rechtsanwalt Stand : Februar 2001 Formalitäten 1.

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Sexual RiskBehavior of HIV-Positive Methamphetamine-Using Men ...

This difference is mostly likely explained by the fact that the majority of meth-using MSM in San Diegoareeither HIV-negative ordo not know their HIV serostatus (Zians, Houke, &D'Hont, 2004 ).

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... Dershowitz and Debra Gross December 23 Kiddush Sponsored in honor of our 50th wedding anniversary By Dr. Reuben and Rachel Ahroni Shalosh Sheudot: By Kori Lessing In memory of A.F. Dershowitz By Daniel and Debbie Dershowitz In memory of Sarah Zians and Ziesel Shifra bas Shaia HaKohen By Keve Zians ...

Transgender Needs Assessment Advisory Group:

A recent study of 302 LGBT seniors in San Diego County showed similar results such that only 30.1% reported having at least one healthcare provider who was an LGBT person (Zians 2004) (see also: Trust and Other Issues Concerning Healthcare Providers/ Predictors of Healthcare Satisfaction, Confidence, and ...


36 Movie-Goers Encouraged to Visit the Internet: A Rural State Approach to Social Marketing of Sexual Health Information Jim Zians, Ph.D., Evaluation Consultant, Council of Community Clinics, San Diego, Julie Minardi, M. Ed, Council of Community Clinics, San Diego, Robert Johnston, M.Ed., Wyoming ...