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ACL Reconstruction— Medial Portal

ACL Reconstruction— Medial Portal Surgical Protocol by Jefferey Michaelson, M.D. with ZipLoop™ Technology For ACL Reconstruction

Reattachment Surgical Protocol by

In securing the tendon to the Ziploop, the first suture is a Bunnell suture which prevents gap formation and secures the tendon to the Ziploop Figure 3a).

Acute AC Joint Reconstruction - Surgical Protocol by Eric McCarty ...

ZipLoop ™ Technology is a unique weave in which a single strand of braided polyethylene is woven through itself twice in opposite directions. This construct allows

Biomet Sports Medicine ToggleLoc Fixation Device with ZipLoop ...

Biomet Sports Medicine ToggleLoc™ Fixation Device with ZipLoop™ Technology vs. Arthrex ACL TightRope® Device A Technical Comparison The ToggleLoc ™ Femoral ...

ACL Reconstruction

Place the knot of the zip strand into the ziploop puller and pull distally to draw the graft through the PL tibial tunnel and into the PL femoral tunnel (Figure 22).

Biomet Sports Medicine, a wholly owned subsidiary of Biomet, Inc ...

• ZipLoop™ Technology maximizes soft tissue graft-to-tunnel interface • One implant for varying tunnel lengths—eliminates the need for multiple sizes

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The ZipLoopTM construct is an adjustable loop created with a single piece of fiber material. When the ZipLoop"M is pulled tight, the sleeve locks against the bone ...

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Proprietary Name: Blomet Sports Medicine TM Anchor devices and ZipLoop TM Constructs Common Name: Soft tissue anchor Classification Name: Fastener, fixation ...

Surgical Protocol written by Mark Gittins, D.O.

Device with ZipLoop™ Technology Pass the soft tissue ™grafts through both loops of the ToggleLoc Femoral Fixation Device with ZipLoop™ Technology (Figure 5).

Q2 2009 OCRI News072909 (4)

UCL fixation with ZipLoop for ulnar fixation 3. Two Year Post-Operative Data on the Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty Procedure: Clinical and Radiographic Outcomes