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ACRONYM by Peter Mork 1 Abstract : ACRONYM Classification: Recursive, Oratable & Novel — Yet Manageable. The ACRONYM system is a way to conveniently organize acronyms (including ACRONYM) .

1 Introduction - An Acronym Environment for L T E X2

An Acronym Environment for L A T E X2 " Tobias Oetiker 2010/09/08 1 Introduction When writing a paper on cellular mobile radio I started to use a lot of acronyms.

System and Network Security Acronyms and Abbreviations

The list does not include all system and network security terms, nor is it a compendium of every acronym and abbreviation found in system and network security documents published by NIST.

Guidelines for Preparing

As of 8/22/2011 1 DDTC Staffing Acronyms AF/RA Bureau of African Affairs/Regional Affairs (DOS) CN/PRE Congressional Notification/Pre-consultations (DOS) Commerce Department of Commerce DOD Department of Defense (DTSA) DOT/USCG Department of Transportation/United States Coast Guard DRL/MLA ...

Acronym Finder and Dictionary

Acronym Finder and Dictionary Acronym Finder and Dictionary Acronym Finder and Dictionary Acronym References at Acronyms.net This site functions asavaluable reference for acronyms and initialisms, providing both an Acronym Finder , where you can search for acronyms based on keywords or phrases ...


Aa ACT: The acronym for Assertive Community Treatment. Advance Directives: A consumer's choice to designate treatment options, which may be needed in the future.


ACRONYMS & WHAT THEY MEAN Acronym Meaning DEAR Drop Everything and Read DI Destination Imagination DIP District Improvement Plan DIP Dyslexia Intervention Program DMT District Management Team E-COURSE Enriched, enhances, extended instruction in core content areas for eligible fourth and fifth ...


american institute of certified public accountants glossary of terms, acronyms, and abbreviations glossary of terms, acronyms, and abbreviations


GENERAL ACRONYMS FOR EMS COMMUNICATIONS A AA— above average terrain AC— alternating current ACD— automatic call distributor ACLS— advanced cardiac life support ACSB— amplitude compandored single-sideband ADP— automatic data processing AGL— above ground level ALS ...

P&G Acronyms & Terms

A-B-C : A&T. Administrative & Technical (administrator, non-manager employee) AAI. Australia/ASEAN/Indi: a ABM. Assistant Brand Manager: AD Associate Director