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Activist Dialogues: How domestic violence and child welfare systems impact women of color and their communities The contents of this publication may be adapted and reprinted with the following acknowledgement: "This material was adapted from the Family Violence Prevention Fund publication ...

Sustainable Activism & Avoiding Burnout

We have to follow our passions, there is no point taking up an activity just because you read about it in a handout, for such a healing process to be truly effective you need to make use of a combination of activities and practices that really grab you and your passions. For more info: Activist Trauma ...


THE ACTIVIST UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA DEPARTMENT OF EXERCISE SCIENCE FROM THE CHAIR We are beginning an exciting academic year in the Department of Exercise Science.

Cicely Tyson Actress, Humanitarian, Activist, Lecturer

Cicely Tyson Actress, Humanitarian, Activist, Lecturer Cicely Tyson has blazed trails as an actress by challenging universal stereotypes and as an activist by using the world stage to raise consciousness of our common humanity.

Activist, Pragmatist, Reflector or Theorist? In Search of ...

Rong Huang is a Lecturer in Tourism Marketing and an International Student Tutor at the University of Plymouth. Her research interests focus on aspects of the tourism phenomenon.

A Practical Security Handbook for Activists and Campaigns (v 2.7)

For most activist groups these will not be significant issues, so we will not cover them further here. Many are also no longer particularly available in modern Europe or as secure as they once were.

The "Activist" Journey of The Florida Supreme Court

Colleen Pero is a legal analyst specializing in reviewing state supreme court opinions for philosophical trends and directions. She practiced law with the Texas firm of Winstead, McGuire Sechrest & Minick and the Michigan firm of Dickinson, Wright.

Student Activism

Or more accurately, becoming an activist requires a new understanding about the relationship between educating, organizing, and acting. Unlike the traditional academic approach that separates knowing the world from interacting with it, activism requires rethinking the relationship between thinking and ...

Infiltrators, Informers and Grasses

If you give them an easier option the chances are that they will take it. For more information on anti-surveillance or setting up the appropriate security processes see the Activist's Security Handbook.

Public Speaker – Lecturer – Activist – Workshop Facilitator

Dr. Dorothy F. Cotton Dr. Dorothy F. Cotton Telephone: 607/257-6785 Public Speaker - Lecturer - Activist - Workshop Facilitator From 1960 to 1968, Dr. Dorothy Cotton was the Education Director for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC).