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The Altegris Team

TRUSTED ALTERNATIVES. INTELLIGENT INVESTING. ® The Altegris Team (As of 8/15/2011) dpfister@altegris. com Executive Vice President Dick Pfister, CAIA ® John Scar cella National Director Intermediary Relationships jscarcella@altegris. com External Internal NATIONAL SALES TEAM PACIFIC NORTHWEST ...

Portfolio Strategist Fact Sheet 2011 Quarter 1, as of 3/31/10

Genworth Financial Wealth Management 1 Portfolio Strategist Fact Sheet 2011 Quarter 1, as of 3/31/10 Additional Investment Approach Alternative Investments Portfolio Strategist Fact Sheet | Altegris Advisors, 2011 Quarter 1 Additional Investment Approach: Alternative Investments Organization ...


In 2003, the NASD brought an enforcement action against Altegris Investments, Inc., finding the company did not disclose specific risks on twenty-six different pieces of sales literature.

Celebrating 30 Years of Mentoring, Access and Education

ADVISOR Journal for Members of the Association of Investment Management Sales Executives Spring 2007 In this Issue: Hot Tips: Getting the Biggest Bang for your Buck at Conferences Page 2.

The Truth About Diversification by the Numbers

Draft sification levels that were once believed possible with simple random portfolios. The implications of these findings for both the portfolio manager and the investor are significant.

John Hancock Bond Fund - Summary Prospectus

Class A: JHNBX ClassB: JHBBX ClassC: JHCBX Investment objective To seek a high lev el of current income consistent with prudent investment risk. Fees and expense s This table describes the fees and expenses you may pay if you buy and hold shares of the fund.

Understanding Managed Futures

1 Understanding Managed Futures February 2009 Introduction Managed futures have proven their strengths as an investment since the first funds were launched in the early 1970s.


73 S ECURITIE S OFFERINGS STATE NOTICES Published pursuant to provisions of General Business Law [Art. 23-A, §359-e(2)] DEALERS; BROKERS Abacus Capital Partners LLC 666 Fifth Ave., 27th Fl., New York, NY 10103 State or country in which incorporated — Delaware Altegris Investments, Inc. 1200 ...

The Role of Long/Short Equity Hedge Funds in Investment ...

RESEARCH DB Absolute Return Strategies R. McFall Lamm, Jr. (Ph.D.), Chief Investment Strategist There is no one preeminent asset allocation scheme for deline ating the role of long/short hedge funds in portfolios—it depends on an investor's current positions and portfolio mana gement structure.

Beating Warren Buffet

INDEX DESCRIPTIONS: Altegris 40™: The Altegris 40 Index tracks the performance of the 40 leading managed futures programs, by ending monthly equity (assets) for the previous month, as reported to International Traders Research.