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Except with Bailor's prior written authorization, Bailee shall: (i) not alter the Property, (in any way); (ii) return the Property to Bailor in at least as good condition as delivered by Bailor and (iii) not perform any repairs to the Property, with exception of any emergency repairs which are ...

Protection of Property— Bailment and Insurance

Bailor-Bailee Relationship The delivery of goods is an essential part of the bailor-bailee relationship. Where the goods are physically placed in the hands of the bailee by the bailor, delivery is apparent.

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Bailment for the Sole Benefit of Bailor Where the bailment is for the sole benefit of the bailor, as where property is accepted by the bailee as a favor to the bailor without compensation or other benefit to the bailee, the bailment is known as a gratuitous bailment.

Bailment - Bailment requirements: 1) transfer of possession ...

Bailment Bailment requirements: 1) transfer of possession of personal property 2) to be returned to bailor or dealt with according to his/her instructions

I. What is bailment?

Commercial Law LAI Ting Wai Fontaine Bailment 1 Bailment I. What is bailment?! Possessory relationship by which a bailor transfers possession of a chattel to a bailee!


ATTACHMENT IV 1 BAILMENT AGREEMENT NO. N00173-06-8-B BAILMENT AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE NAVAL RESEARCH LABORATORY (NRL) (BAILEE) AND (BAILOR) This BAILMENT AGREEMENT is entered into by and between , with offices located at, hereinafter referred to as the "Bailor," and the Naval Research Laboratory ...

StingRay Optics, LLC Bailment Agreement

Bailor shall have the right to enter onto the Bailee's premises, where the Property is located, for the purpose of removing the Property if the Property is not returned to Bailor by the Termination Date.

UCC Financing Statement

If filer desires (at filer's option) to use titles of lessee and lessor, or consignee and consignor, or seller and buyer (in the case of accounts or chattel paper), or bailee and bailor instead of Debtor and Secured Party, check the appropriate box in item 5.


Bailment A bailment is a delivery ofgoods by the owner, the bailor, to another party, the bailee, for some express purpose. After fulfilling this purpose, the bailee is obligated to return the goods to the bailor or dispose ofthe goods according to the bailor's instructions.

Insurance and the Warehouse Industry

(c) Possession is to revert to the bailor (or his designated representative) either upon the fulfillment of the purpose of the bailment, at the expiration of a designated period of time, upon the happening of a specific event, or at the demand of the bailor unless otherwise agreed to.