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Words and music by Jack Hartmann, MA, BMI Copyright 2007

Cool Beats That Teach Lyrics www.jackhartmann.com The science activities listed below are intended to be performed by a teacher or parent using extreme caution and safety precautions.


1 Important Monster ® performance & safety tips To avoid damage to hearing, make sure that the volume is turned down before turning on your Beats TM.


"MY HEART SKIPS A BEAT" The complaint of "extra" or "skipped beats" is a common one and is taken seriously by cardiologists. The sense of skipping or dropping of the heart is may be benign.

Case 11-8 Billy's Beats Inc.

Copyright 2009 Deloitte Development LLC All Rights Reserved. Case 11-8 Billy's Beats Inc. Billy's Beats Inc. (Billy's) , an SEC registrant, is a new audit client with a fiscal year-end of December 31, 2010.


for immediate release contact: michelle l. huff huff pr 212.369.6525 michelle@huffent.com the continental basketball association and converge entertainment present ballin' & beats-- celebrities in music and basketball join forces to support the boys & girls clubs of las vegas --august 27, 2007 ...


Select Beats ™ in-ear headphones feature multiple pairs of ear tips, designed to fit securely and block out external sound. Choose the pair that fits most comfortably and best seals out noise.

Binaural Auditory Beats Affect Vigilance Performance and Mood

PII S0031-9384(97)00436-8 Binaural Auditory Beats Affect Vigilance Performance and Mood JAMES D. LANE, 1 * STEFAN J. KASIAN,* JUSTINE E. OWENS† AND GAIL R. MARSH*


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Hoofbeats with Heart™ An Equine Assisted Activities and ...

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 15, 2009 Hoofbeats with Heart™ An Equine Assisted Activities and Therapy Center is Open in Gilbert, AZ Hoofbeats with Heart™ is a Non-profit organization which offers Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies for individuals with special needs.

Accessing Anomalous States of Consciousness with a Binaural ...

Binaural Beats and the Physiology of the Brain Binaural beats were discovered in 1839 by a German experimenter, H. W. Dove. The human ability to " hear " binaural beats appears to be the result of evolutionary adaptation.