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BROOKLINE BANCORP, INC. TO ACQUIRE BANCORP RHODE ISLAND, INC. BankRI to Retain Brand and All Branches to Remain Open Earnings Per Share Expected to be Accretive by 25% in 2012


DEAR SHAREHOLDERS: As we enter the second decade of a new millennium, I am pleased to announce that Brookline Bancorp fi nds itself very well positioned.

FROM: - rdobek@brooklinema

FROM: BROOKLINE COMMUNITY AGING NETWORK (WWW.BROOKLINECAN.ORG) For Release: March 28, 2011 Contacts: Ruthann Dobek Elenore Parker 617-730-2756 617-232-6444

Version 3 • Effective September 1, 2011

i The most current copy of the Brookline College catalog is available online at www.brooklinecollege.edu Phoenix Campus 2445 W. Dunlap Ave., Suite 100

New Hampshire State Fire Marshal's Office

New Hampshire State Fire Marshal's Office 33 Hazen Drive · Concord, NH 03305 · 603-223-4289 · Fax: 603-223-4294 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Date: June 29, 2010 Contact: J. William Degnan, State Fire Marshal 603-223-4289 or Chief Shawn Murray, President NH Association of Fire Chiefs 603-886-6021 ...


CHAPTER II BROOKLINE HISTORY Brookline was officially chartered on March 30, 1769 when the so-called "west-enders" from the Town of Hollis merged with the previously unaffiliated one mile wide tract of land called Mile Slip.

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center 330 Brookline Avenue ...

Page 1 of 26 Organization Identification Number: 5501 • Evidence of Standards Compliance (ESC) You will have follow-up in the area(s) indicated below: Hospital Accreditation : As a result of the accreditation activity conducted on the above date(s), Requirements for Improvement have been ...

9801 Broadway Extension Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73114

Welcome From our CEO Welcome to Brookline College! I am excited that you chose our school and want you to know that we operate with a keen focus on quality and service.

BROOKSIDE VENEERS, LTD. Brookline® Veneers

BROOKSIDE VENEERS, LTD. Brookline ® Veneers Approximate Stock Sheet Size: Birdseye*24½"*x*98½" Italo* 24½"*x*98½" Burl* 24½"*x*98½" Pommele*24½"*x*98½" Qtr.*&*Flat*Cut*25"*x*135" Veneer Thickness: 1/42"*for*Birdseye,*Italo,*Pommele*&*Burl 1/36"*for*Quarter*Cut*and*Flat*Cut*patterns ...

B R O O K S I D EVENEERS, LT D. Brookline®PaperBack Veneers

B R O O K S I D EVENEERS, LT D. Brookline ® PaperBack Veneers Stock Sheet Size: Birdseye48" X 96" Pommele 48" X 96" Burls 48" X 96" Qtr. & Flat Cut48" X 132" Paper Back Thickness: 0.010" All sheets are flexed and sanded Special order allow 2-3 weeks delivery: Birdseye, Pommele & Burls *Length ...