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Orangy pinks contain a hint of orange that often leads to a

Brownish pink diamonds contain subtle to noticeable shades of brown, depending on the tone of the diamonds. Lighter tones will not generally have a heavy saturation of brown, giving them a "warmer" hue.

CAREX BRUNNESCENS (Pers.) Poiret Brownish Sedge

CAREX BRUNNESCENS (Pers.) Poiret Brownish Sedge FAMILY: Cyperaceae. HABIT: Loosely tufted perennial from a short, blackish, fibrillose rootstalk, fertile culms 7-70 cm.; fruiting June-August.

. Dark brownish black throughout with metallic blue-green ...

A New Species of Hawaiian Campsicnemus (Diptera: Dolichopodidae) from Rosettes of the Lobeliad Lobelia gloria-montis(Campanulaceae) on Maui 1 NEAL L. EVENHUIS (Hawaii Biological Survey, Bishop Museum, 1525 Bernice Street,


6020-6930 Dolomite, light brownish gray, very finely crystalline, dense. 6030-6040 Dolomite, very light brownish gray to light brownish gray, very finely crystalline, dense, limy.

Expression of Body Colouor

and the drone ones were of the brownish-black type, like in drones. H EREDITY . The gene responsable for body colour in A . ,florea is designed as Fl.

Red, yellow-brown, brownish pink or salmon

Red, yellow-brown, brownish pink or salmon SPRING SALAMANDER (Gyrinophilus porphyriticus) Length: 4-8 1/2 inches What to look for: red or yellow brown, brownish pink or salmon; black markings; light bar from eye to nostril; skin often looks cloudy.

Tongue description

The yellow-brownish scales in the auricle signal an accumulation of damp-heat and heat toxin. The yellow color, as well as the itchiness, suggests the presence of damp-heat; the brownish discoloration of the scales points toward its transformation into heat toxin.

Coloring Instructions : Color the shell a light brownish ...

Provided by the Pelotes Island Nature Preserve http://pelotes.jea.com Coloring Instructions : Color the shell a light brownish-green. The outer edge of each shell scale should be dark while the innermost part of each scale should be light.

Nitrate in Drinking Water

An infant with moderate to serious "blue baby syndrome" may have a brownish-blue color due to the lack of oxygen. This condition may be hard to detect in infants with dark skin.

PU-S expandable Grouting Compound is single component ...

* Specific gravity 1.1 - 1.2 * Appearance Brownish liquid * Curing time Few sec to few minutes (can be controlled by future adding retarding agent). * Expansibility > 350% * Flash Point 110 0 C APPLICATION METHOD 1) V-cut on the place where are leaking.