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Consultation Process for the National School Chaplaincy Program

Concerns about the NSCP On a number of occasions since the establishment of the NSCP, the APS has been contacted by members who are concerned about chaplains who have been employed in schools to provide mental health counselling to students.

Value of an HCMA Chaplain

Copyright © HCMA, 2007 1 Healthcare Chaplains Ministry Association Value of an HCMA Chaplain The professional pastoral/spiritual care services of an HCMA Board Certified Chaplain (BCC) or Certified Clinical Chaplain (CCC) provide several distinct benefits to a healthcare facility.

Measuring Chaplain Competency

Are Your Chaplains Competent? Developing a Competency Validation Process and Measurement Tools for Chaplains Association of Professional Chaplains August 26, 2009 Rev. Beth Collier BCC Rev. Roy Olson BCC (retired)

Service Guidelines

Service Guidelines The Chapel of the Four Chaplains 1201 Constitution Avenue The Navy Yard, Bldg. 649 Philadelphia, PA 19112-1307 Tel. 215-218-1943 Fax 215-218-1949 Guidelines for Four Chaplains Interfaith Memorial Services www.fourchaplains.org e-mail: chapel@fourchaplains.org We are grateful ...

Partnering with Hospital Leadership in Creating a ...

1 Partnering with Hospital Leadership in Creating a Compassionate Culture Association of Professional Chaplains Workshop Debbie Lewis MDiv, MS, BCC; Thomas Samuel MDiv, BCC; Melinda Plumley MDiv, BCC March 26, 2011 10:30 am - 12:00 pm I. Changes in hospital culture A. Physical expansion and new ...

Chaplain Basic Officer Leadership Course (CHBOLC)

Human Interaction, world religions, branch unique training for battalion chaplains and troop leading procedures. SPECIAL INFORMATION: This is phase 2 of a three-phase course.


Workload and Staffing Survey of Chaplains Employed in California State Government Facilities By Marcus Nieto and Kimberly Johnston-Dodds April 2001

Jake Luttinger

Jake Luttinger 6 May 2009 Religion and War : A Story of Three Army Chaplains The Geneva Convention states that military chaplains are to be non‐combatants.


international association of christian chaplains inc. (iacc) standards and code of ethics iacc 5804 babcock road. pmb 189. san antonio, texas 78240-2134.

Chaplain-Patient Ratios

Healthcare Chaplains Ministry Association Chaplain-Patient Ratios HCMA is frequently asked, "How many Chaplains are needed to meet the spiritual needs of patients?"