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z/OS Console Commands for TCP/IP cont...

INTRODUCTION This summary lists many of the commonly used commands (with brief descriptions) for FTP and TCP/IP, as well as related z/OS, z/VM, VSE, Linux, and VTAM commands.

Spanish: Commands

Provided by Tutoring Services 1 Spanish: Commands Spanish: Commands Formal Commands (Ud. and Uds.) • Formal commands are used when talking in the Usted/Ustedes form of a verb.

Summary of basic C++-commands

functions A function is a set of commands. It is useful to write a user-denedfunction, i.e. your own function, whenever you need to do the same task many times in the program.

TACACS, Extended TACACS, andT ACACS+Commands

TACACS, Extended TACACS, andTACACS+Commands SR-97 TACACS, Extended TACACS, andT ACACS+Commands This chapter describes the commands used to configure TACACS, extended TACACS, and TACACS+.

Reference Manual: Commands

Contents Reference Manual: Commands iii About This Book..... vii

Sybase SQL Server™ Reference Manual Volume 1: Commands ...

Sybase SQL Server™ Reference Manual Volume 1: Commands, Functions, and Topics Sybase SQL Server Release 11.0.x Document ID: 32401-01-1100-03

Basic SAS Commands

Basic SAS Commands 1 1. Introduction For more information, refer to the SAS Introductory Guide or the SAS/STAT Users Guide, vol. 1 and 2 (© SAS Institute Inc., Cary NC).

Section 2 www.picaxe.com Contents

Section 2 BASIC COMMANDS revolution (c) Revolution Education Ltd. Web: www.picaxe.com All rights reserved. Version 7.8 01/2012 1 1 www.picaxe.com Contents

Guide to MINITAB Commands

Guide to MINITAB Commands Srinivas R. Chakravarthy Professor of Mathematics and Statistics Department of Science and Mathematics KETTERING UNIVERSITY Phone 810.762.7906 • Fax 810.762.9796• schakrav@kettering.edu

Basic Command-Line Interface Commands

FR-3 Configuration Fundamentals Command Reference Basic Command-Line Interface Commands This chapter describes the commands used to enter and exit the various Cisco IOS configuration command modes.