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INTENDED USE The ProTime ® Microcoagulation System consists of a portable, battery operated instrument and disposable cuvette for quantitative determination of prothrombin time (PT) from fingerstick whole blood or anticoagulant-free venous whole blood.

BRAND UV-Cuvettes

They eliminate time-wasting washing of cuvettes; taking 5 minutes to wash and dry a cuvette costs more than the price of a UV-Cuvette, even when the work is done at $10 an hour by a student.

SUBJECT: Hemoglobin Determination by HemoCue Hemoglobin ...

Do not fill the cuvette from the vial. e. Fill the cuvette according to the procedure which follows, steps 4-8 on page 4 and 5. f. Wipe threads of vial and cap with clean tissue.

Temperature-Controlled Cuvette Holders for Spectroscopy

Temperature-Controlled Cuvette Holders for Spectroscopy We provide temperature-controlled single or multiple cuvette holders for almost any spectroscopic application.

HEMOCHRON® Jr. Signature + Whole Blood Microcoagulation System

Consult the cuvette package insert for additional information concerning cuvette storage and handling. The prompts that are displayed after the instrument is started depend upon whether the START key or a cuvette is used and whether or not lockouts are enabled (see the Configuration Manager section on ...

Conserve OGram

Using The Cuvette Technique To Store Vertebrate Microfossils and Other Small Natural History Specimens

using the Thermo Scientific Multiskan GO spectrophotometer

Application . Note: AN-MR-MSG002-1110 . Key Words: • DNA • Photometric • Quantitation • TrayCell • DNA Spectrum DNA quantitation in cuvette and TrayCell using the Thermo Scientific Multiskan GO

cuvettes and mainstream sensors

- Rapid continuous measurement of the CO 2 partial pressure in the breath ing gas - Measurement of etCO 2 - Monitor ing of etCO 2 with upper and lower alarm limits - Determining the CO 2 production and serial dead space volume Covenient - The disposable CO 2 cuvette completes the portfolio of disposable ...

Standard Cell with Lid I = Infrared

Microsoft Word - CuvettePriceList2011_by_number `. INFRARED CELLS Standard Cell with Lid I = Infrared Item No. Outside Dimensions HxWxD mm Path Length (mm) Inside Width (mm) Volu me (ml) Dist. Price I1 45x12.5x3.5 1 10 0.35 72 I2 45x12.5x4.5 2 10 0.70 60 I3 45x12.5x7.5 5 10 1.7 48 I4 45x12.5x12 ...

Whole Blood Microcoagulation System

A cuvette lot number that has been scanned or entered is not displayed on the list after the lot reaches its expiration date. If more than five cuvette lot numbers per assay are scanned or entered, the lot number(s) with the closest expiration date will be deleted.