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ARM BALL JOINT PULLEY HOOK CLEAT CLAM SHELL RAIL MOUNT EYE NUT Each davit system includes: l 2 Davit Arms l 2 Hooks l 2 Lower Pulleys l 2 Lower Ball Joints l 2 Integrated Upper Pulleys l 2 Integrated Cleats l 2 Upper Clamshell Mounts for 1˝ (25mm) rails l Model #488 includes 50 ft. (15.2 m) lifting lines ModelDavit Davit ...

Davit Systems and Outriggers

• 800.372.1098 • 301.620.8820 Davit Systems & Outriggers Safety From the Top Down 2 Davits Overview Standards in the United States and Canada require a building to provide certified anchorages capable of supporting the required loads before any suspended maintenance work is performed.


OrderForm OrderForm. 3900 Dight Ave. South Minneapolis, MN 55406 TEL: 612.724.9361 FAX: 612.724.9362 E-mail stcroix@davit.com ST.

Vertical Mount Davit System User Instructions 623053

USER INSTRUCTIONS - VERTICAL MOUNT DAVIT SYSTEM Page 1 of 20 pages Copyright © 1998, MSA P/N 623053, Rev. C 506668 National standards and state, provincial and federal laws require the user to be trained before using this product.

Rose Folding Davit and Mounting Base

Note: While uses and performance capabilities are described, under no circumstances shall the product be used by untrained or unqualified individuals and not until the product instructions including any warnings or cautions provided have been thoroughly read and understood.

SPC7109 10' Tapered Davit Arm

MOUNTING HEIGHT SPAN 10' TAPERED DAVIT ARM POLES SPECIFICATIONS The davit arm member is conically tapered from either 4", 4-1/2" or 6" O.D. x .188" wall 6063 alloy extruded aluminum tube.

Davit System Overview

Permanent Installations—Davits & Outriggers Spider ® | www.spiderstaging.com | phone: 1-877-774-3370 289 For more information, call: 1-877-774-3370 Calls are routed to the nearest Spider Operation Center.

Davit Arms 6.5

G-1 G Hughes Brothers, Inc. P.O. Box 159 / 210 N. 13th / Seward, NE 68434 / Phone (402) 643-2991 / Fax (402) 643-2149 ©2001 Hughes Brothers, Inc. Steel Davit Arms 4000/4010 See pages G-2 to G-5 4020/4030 See pages G-6 to G-9 Typical cross section of Davit tubes Each Hughes Brothers Steel Davit ...

Davit Care & Maintenance

FIRST CLASS YACHT ACCESSORIES 525 So. Elmgrove, Seattle, WA 98108 Phone: 206-767-0505 Fax: 206-767-0552 E-mail: boat@boatdavit.com Website: www.boatdavit.com Davit Care & Maintenance Paint: The paint on a Roskelley/Olsson Davit System is a 3-stage polyurethane.

ITEM 10670.150918 M -TYPE P6 ALUMINUM LIGHT STANDARD 7m - 9m ...

oct. 1998m rev. dec. 1998 page 1 of 7 item 10670.150918 m -type p6 aluminum light standard 7m - 9m pole 1.8m single davit arm item 10670.150945 m - type p aluminum light standard 7m - 9m pole 4.5m single davit arm item 10670.151118 m -type s6 aluminum light standard 9m - 11m pole 1.8m single ...