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Decorating your parade float...

224 West Wabasha St. / Duluth, MN 55803 / Phone & Fax: 218-724-2635 Visit us online at: www. crs-enterprises. com Decorating your parade float... Find a trailer platform that is sturdy, safe and legal to tow, the platform should be covered with plywood for durability.

How to host your own cookie decorating party (updated for ...

Drop In & Decorate How-To Guide Ā©2009 by Lydia Walshin, www.dropinanddecorate.org, page 1 How to host your own cookie decorating party (updated for 2009-2010) Drop In & Decorate Cookies for DonationĀ® events are simple: bake some cookies, invite friends or family to drop by and help decorate ...


2 The goal of this project is to teach you (13- to 18-year-olds) the basic skills that are required for cake decorating. You will learn what equipment is needed to decorate cakes and how to use that equipment.

Creating Diversity In Ensembles Using Artiflcial Data

We present anew meta-learner Decorate (Diverse Ensemble Creation by Oppositional Relabeling of Artiflcial Training Examples) (Melvilleand Mooney, 2003), that uses an existing\strong"learner (one that provides high accuracy on the training data) to build anefiective diverse committee in a simple, ...

Quick & Easy Ideas for Decorating Glass Doors

Multi-Pane French Doors Now there is a beautiful and simple way to decorate and add privacy to multi-pane French doors. Designs are easily trimmed to fit smaller panes of glass.


The project leader will walk them through each step, demonstrate the basic techniques and assist them as they practice and decorate their treats.

Cat loves cupcakes. You can have fun, just like Cat, by ...

Cat loves cupcakes. You can have fun, just like Cat, by decorating your own cupcake. Use crayons or markers and draw in decorations and your favorite sweet treats to make this the most colorful and creativwe cupcake ever!

Create and Decorate XX 2010 Project

Instructions Some painting tips : When bas ecoating, I paint at least two coats, sanding lightly in between coats. For shading and highlighting, I use an Angular brush.

Activity #2: decorate the helmet

NAME: Age: BikE sAfEty Activity shEEt (AgEs 4 to 7) DOT HS 810 709w January 2007 Activity #2: decorate the helmet Add stickers, glitter, etc., or simply color the helmet the way you like.

Quick & Easy Ideas for Decorating Windows

Decorate all or some of the panes to create your own custom look. Etched Glass Frosted and etched glass designs are a very elegant upgrade to clear glass window panes.