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Rock Deformation

2 •Folds are bends in rock that develop when rock deforms plastically. •Can be any size --including small crinkles. Plastic Deformation •Medium size

Structure of Rock Bodies

On the other hand, ductile deformation occurs when a rock body deforms permanently without fracturing or losing cohesion. The most obvious type of ductile deformation is the viscous flow of fluids, such as molten magma, but solids can also deform ductilely.

Chem / Envsty L111: Spring 2007 Quiz 9

Radioactivity a. is used to treat certain cancers. b. damages white blood cells. c. deforms DNA. d. All of these choices are true. 21/21! Well done.


) PATIENT INFORMATION SHEET ARTHRITIS OF THE JOINTS IN THE ARCH OF THE FOOT Arthritis in the arch of the foot deforms and flattens the foot, xrays show the extent of the damage and the surgical repair of the complaint JOINTS AROUND THE ANKLE The joints in the arch of the ...

A Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis of the VernaFlo® Flow ...

Figure 10 Static flow pressure at 40 psi inlet pressure Figure 11 Mises stress at 20, 60 and 90 psi inlet pressure With an increase in the inlet pressure the rubber device deforms and experiences increased contact with the rigid seat.

Stainless welding manual

When a metal yields, or deforms plastically, the planes of atoms slip in relation to adjacent planes. The only single crystal materials used today are for turbine blades.

How and Where Do Mountains Form?

•Upper Crust (shallow):-Stress deforms rock by brittle fractures, folding of weak layers (sedimentary) and slipping along bedding planes. •Lower Crust (deeper):-Plastic flow and folding of weak and strong layers.

* Elastic rebound theory: waves of energy from an earthquake ...

... Pacific belt, 15% on the Mediterranean-Himalayan belt & 5% at spreading ridges and plate interiors. http://www.seismo.unr.edu/ftp/pub/louie/class/100/seismic-waves.html * Elastic rebound theory: waves of energy from an earthquake result from the sudden release of strain stored up in rock as it deforms o ...

Notes on earthquakes

A ductile material has irrecoverable strain; the material deforms in response to a stress, and the deformation is permanent. The material does not revert to its prior shape when the stress is removed.

How to Identify Plastics

No Flame Burns, but extinguishes on removal of flame source Continues to burn after removal of flame source Materials Odor Odor Color of Flame Drips Odor Color of flame Drips Speed of Burning Remarks Fluorocarbons FEP Faint odor of burnt hair - - - - - - - Deforms; no combustion but drips PTFE Faint odor of burnt hair ...