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III >> INTRODUCTION This Job Aid, "Energy Efficient Temperature Regulating and Defrost Control Systems", L-80, Part No. 4321863, provides specific information on the operation and servicing of energy efficient features installed on Whirlpool-built refrigerator/freezers.

Coil Defrost

RETA Education Committee Book 2 Rewrite Team Introduction Moisture (water vapor) in plant air will freeze on cooling coils. The frost (ice) reduces the capacity of the coil to remove heat from the space; therefore the frost build up must be removed periodically.

Specifications, Applications, Service Instructions & Parts

Specifications, Applications, Service Instructions & Parts FROST MASTER ® & FROST MASTER ® PLUS DEFROST CONTROLLERS Bulletin F100c SEP 2006 for Industrial/Commercial Evaporator Defrosting FM-71 Defrost Controller INTRODUCTION The Hansen Frost Master ® is an easy-to-use defrost controller for ...

Master Controller Reverse Cycle Defrost System

Master Controller Reverse Cycle Defrost System Installation & Operations Manual An Electronic Microprocessor-Based Electric Expansion Valve Refrigeration Control System PN 888-88889

MECHANICAL DEFROST TIMER An ISO 9001 – 2008 Certified ...

MECHANICAL DEFROST TIMER An ISO 9001 – 2008 Certified Company Features and Benefits Designed for commercial freezers and refrigerators, Paragon ® Commercial Defrost Controls have been reliably providing automatic defrost capability for decades.

ThermoSaverTM Hot Gas Defrost System

APPLICATION GUIDELINE ThermoSaver Hot Gas Defrost systems provide for a fast defrost alternative over comparable electric defrost systems. They can be used on any freezer or cooler application ranging in room temperatures from -30°F to 34°F, with capacity ranges of 2 - 30HP , available as an ...

Defrost Control Types

Time-Initiated, Time-Terminated This type of defrost control is used where two things can be accurately predicted. One, the length of time needed between defrost cycles.

Introduction and Background Information:

Table 1- Calculated efficiencies for different defrost conditions Melt Water Weight Energy to Defrost Energy Used Defrost Efficiency Defrost Method (lb) (Btu) (Btu) (%) Unregulated 184 34 391 391 543 8.8% Back Pressure Regulated 376 67 788 317 967 21.3% Outlet Reg/ Float Drainer 328 55 595 450 383 12.3% Figure 6 shows ...

Defrost Board

- 4 - 1 Defrost Overview The defrost board is designed to control the defrosting of both the dome air handling unit and the mirror cooling unit. A defrost cycle occurs when the cooling coils ice up due to a high humidity condition.