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Democritus 95 DATE, TEACHERS, AND PHILOSOPHICAL RELATIONSHIPS Democritus himself gives us some indication of his age and era. In his Lesser WorldSystem, Democritussayshe was forty years younger than Anaxagoras, giving himself a birth date of about 460-57 BCE.

Atom Models - Democritus, Dalton, Thompson, Rutherford, Bohr

Models of the Atom: a Historical Perspective Aristotle Early Greek Theories •400 B.C. -Democritus thought matter could not be divided indefinitely. •350 B.C -Aristotle modified an earlier theory that matter was made of four "elements": earth, fire, water, air.

Democritus' Parmenidean Influence JASON DA YLEY

D emocritus is famous for a theory of atoms which heavily influenced later philosophical and scientific movements. Despite this influence, there is debate over what Democritus intended in developing and explaining his theory.

The Models of the Atom

Also, Dalton gave us more insight into molecules, but his idea of the atom was not that different from that of Democritus: he still imagined atoms as tiny "bowling balls."

Democritus, a fifth century B.C. philosopher, is credited ...

This paper will give a general overview of the current thoughts on the building blocks of atoms through the scope of the Standard Model. There will be an abridged explanation of the interactions that these elementary particles share with one-another.

Atomic Models

2 10/6/2007 Atomic Models 5 Democritus Atomic Theory 1. All matter consists of INVISIBLE PARTICLES….. called atoms 2. Atoms are INDESTRUCTIBLE & UNCHANGEABLE 3.

The Development of Atomic Theory

Like Democritus, Dalton proposed that ato m s could not bed ividedinto sma ller parts. However, unlike Democritus, Dalton performed scientific experiments to find d ata to support his theor y.

Democritus to Rutherford 10/8/2005 Atomic Models: Democritus ...

2 10/8/2005 Atomic Models: Democritus~~Rutherford 3 10/8/2005 Atomic Models: Democritus~~Rutherford 4 Democritus Atomic Theory 1) All matter is composed of atoms, which are bits of


DEMOCRITUS ON ETHICS AND ECONOMICS by ANASTASSIOS D. KARAYIANNIS "It is ideas that make history not history that makes ideas" L. VON MISES Recently, in the literature of the history of economic thought we notice a revival of the presentation and interpretation of the economic ideas of the ...

Chapter 4: The Structure of the Atom

Democritus and a summary of his ideas are shown in Figure 4-2 . While a fair amount of Democritus's ideas do not agree with modern atomic theory, his belief in the existence of atoms was amazingly ahead of his time.