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EXPERIMENT 7 - Distillation - Separation of a Mixture

CHEM 2423 Distillation of a Mixture Dr. Pahlavan 1 EXPERIMENT 7 - Distillation - Separation of a Mixture Purpose: a) To purify a compound by separating it from a non-volatile or less-volatile material.


1 Distillation Distillation is a commonly used method for purifying liquids and separating mixtures of liquids into their individual components. Familiar examples include the distillation of crude fermentation broths into alcoholic spirits such as gin and vodka, and the fractionation of crude ...

Lab #: Distillation

Lab 3 Distillation Reading: Zubrick, pages 144-145, 150-152, 155-170,179-183, and 305-320. Pre-Lab: Look up the structures and boiling points of cyclohexane and toluene.

Drinking Water Treatment: Distillation

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1 DISTILLATION Introduction: When a solution containing two volatile substances is heated up, one of them will be present in the vapour above the solution in greater quantities than the other.


Page 1 DISTILLATION - HOW IT WORKS There is a growing interest in distillation by amateurs, particularly in New Zealand where happily it has been legal since October 1996 - for home consumption only though - not, repeat NOT for sale!!!


ORGANIC LABORATORY TECHNIQUES 10 10.1 • DISTILLATION NEVER distill the distillation flask to dryness as there is a risk of explosion and fire. The most common methods of distillation are simple distillation and fractional distillation .

Reflux and Distillation

Reflux and Distillation The techniques of recrystallization and the use of the melting points as a criterion of their purity as techniques are used for solids.

APV Distill. Hndbook '98

3 INTRODUCTION While the use of distillation dates back in recorded history to about 50 B.C., the first truly industrial exploitation of this separation process did not occur until the 12th century when it was used in the production of alcoholic beverages.


28 Distillation Distillation is an important commercial process that is used in the purification of a large variety of materials. However, before we begin a discussion of distillation, it would probably be beneficial to define the terms that describe the process and related properties.