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On Diversity

Table of Contents The Faculty Teaching Excellence Program A History of the Series on Diversity in Teaching and Learning Fostering Diversity in the Classroom: Teaching by Discussion Ron Billingsley, English Department Developing and Teaching an Inclusive Cumculum Deborah Flick, Women Studies ...


iii Southwest Educational Development Laboratory Acknowledgments The Southwest Educational Development Laboratory (SEDL) is a private nonprofit education research and development corporation based in Austin, Texas.


1 INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE 2013 DIVERSITY IMMIGRANT VISA PROGRAM (DV-2013) The congressionally mandated Diversity Immigrant Visa Program is administered on an annual basis by the Department of State and conducted based on United States law, specifically Section 203(c) of the Immigration and ...

What is Diversity? It's More than Race or Gender

Online Resource © 2002 by University of Michigan Health Systems Developed by Duren and Associates, Inc. Page 1 of 1 What is Diversity? It's More than Race or Gender "Diversity" as used here refers to human attributes that are different from your own and from those of groups to which you belong.


Diversity action plans: By May 1, 2012, each of the Schools will develop its own plan for increasing faculty diversity, which will be accompanied by substantial resources at the School level to leverage those being provided by the central administration.

An Overview of Diversity Awareness

2 INTRODUCTION The demographic makeup of United States society has changed dramatically in the last 25 years, and it will continue to change. Living and working in our society will require that each of us become increasingly aware of the challenge of cultural change.

Best Practices in Diversity Management

United Nations Expert Group Meeting on Managing Diversity in the Civil Service United Nations Headquarters, New York, 3 - 4 May 2001 Best Practices in Diversity Management Neil E. Reichenberg Executive Director International Personnel Management Association

Mapping Census 2000: Diversity

Hispanic (PR) White, not Hispanic Black (DC) Asian (HI) Prevalence, 2000 Hispanic or Latino Origin and All Races Group with highest percent of state population Group with highest percent of county population Hispanic or Latino mask Black or African American mask Asian mask mask Percents for non ...

Diversity, Stability, and Ecosystem Function

Diversity, Stability, and Ecosystem Function Introduction We'reatthatpointin the course where we're switching gears. We'vespentthelast six weeks focusing on the biology of small populations: an overview of the U.S. Endangered Species Act and how it is used to manage and protect species that are ...

News from Xerox

News from Xerox Diversity at Xerox At Xerox, we recognize and respect diversity of thought and we embrace and empower individuality. As a result, ours is a corporate culture of inclusion which creates more productive people and a more innovative company.