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Prof. Dr. Edmond Beqiri, Professor of the European University - Dukagjini 6. Prof. Dr. Arjeta Troshani, Proffesor of the Univeristy of Shkodra.

CV-Ramadan Zejnullahu -anglisht

Dukagjini Professor Professor of Mathematics 2000 onwards: Pristina University of Prishtina Professor Professor of Mathem atics 1994 2000 Pristina University of Prishtina Assistant


Professor Genc Trnavci, PhD THE ALBANIAN CUSTOMARY LAW AND THE CANON OF LEKË DUKAGJINI: A CLASH OR SYNERGY WITH MODERN LAW Introduction Kanuni i Lekë Dukagjinit (The Canon of Lekë Dukagjini) is the most widely

Of Time, Honor, and Memory: Oral Law in Albania

This traditional body of customary law is known as the Kode of Lekë Dukagjini. It represents a series of norms, mores, and injunctions that were passed down by word of mouth for generations and reputedly originally formulated by Lekë Dukagjini, an Albanian prince and companion-in-arms to Albania's ...


CONTACT POINT ALBANIA Albana Hana Ministry of European Integration Regional Cooperation Unit Rruga "Lek Dukagjini". No. 3. Tirana Tel: + 355 69 215 87 34 Email: albana.hana@mie. gov.al Patris Kraja Director Department of Institutional Support to the Integration Process Ministry of Integration ...

Kosovo’s Post‐independence Inter‐clan Conflict

Blood Feuds And The Code Of Dukagjini . What is a blood feud? Anthropological studies have detailed blood feuds among the North-ern Albanian Ghegs, a practice that is likely to have spread to neighboring Kosovo and Ma-

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Size of Workforce Beer Factory Beer The quantity of the production decreased Before: 730 Currently: 508 Devolli Company Trade, costume services, sleeping materials, blankets; other products The capacity of the company is rapidly increasing and is searching for new businesses Currently: 120 Dukagjini Association ...