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Brainwave The Irish Epilepsy Association 249 Crumlin Road ...

Brainwave The Irish Epilepsy Association Treatment of Epilepsy Page 1 of 4 Brainwave The Irish Epilepsy Association 249 Crumlin Road Dublin 12 Tel: 01-4557500 Email: info@epilepsy.ie Web: www.epilepsy.ie Treatment of Epilepsy Anti-Epileptic Medication In most cases epilepsy is treated with ...

Jeremy's Story

Epilepsy Disability Fact Sheet #6 (FS6) NICHCY Disability Fact Sheet #6 June 2010 Jeremy's Story Jeremy's Story Jeremy's Story Jeremy's Story Jeremy's Story When Jeremy was 4 months old, he had his first seizure.

Hallway Conversations - Visualase Surgery for Epilepsy

Visualase Surgery for Epilepsy - 08.11.11 Epilepsy Therapy Project Accelerating New Therapies for People with Epilepsy and Seizures 1 Angus A. Wilfong, MD Dr. Joseph Sirven: Hello to everyone out there.

What is Levetiracetam?

What does the drug look like and how should I take it?


EPILEPSY Epilepsy, from the Greek word epilambanein, meaning to attack or to seize, was first described in ancient times. Julius Caesar, Napoleon, and Van Gogh are among history's famous epileptics.

helping children and adults with epilepsy and seizure disorders

Epilepsy comes from a Greek word meaning to "seize." For many years, people believed that epilepsy was rare, and that those who had it were influenced by a spiritual force.

Seizure Action Plan

Emergency Response A "seizure emergency" for this student is defined as: Seizure Emergency Protocol (Check all that apply and clarify below) Contact school nurse at_____ Call 911 for transport to_____ Notify parent or emergency contact Administer ...

Epilepsy: the care providers

50 15 MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS Introduction ◆ The respondents were asked about the number of specialist medical professionals such as neurologists, neuro-paediatricians, psychiatrists and neurosurgeons involved for 50% or more of their time in providing epilepsy care.

Epilepsy by M. Berendt; B0230.0704

In: Clinical Neurology in Small Animals - Localization, Diagnosis and Treatment , K.G. Braund (Ed.) Publisher: International Veterinary Information Service (www.ivis.org), Ithaca, New York, USA.


Age at Onset : The most common age of onset for idiopathic epilepsy (IE) in dogs is 1-5 years of age. However, many cases of IE do emerge as young as 6 months and as old as 7 years of age.