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|ERASE ClearErase is protective clear coat that can be seamlessly applied to interior spaces as easily as traditional paint. Turn any existing wall, in any color, into a durable and cleanable surface resistant to scribbles, common marks and daily wear.

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2 Cleaner for Dry Erase Surfaces . Colors: Clear . Sanford Corporation is a member of The Art and Creative Materials Institute, Inc. This product is certified by the Institute to be

How to Securely Delete Electronic Information in Windows

WIN1038 February 2007 How to Securely Delete Electronic Information in Windows Author: Deanna Pasternak Introduction ..... 1 Why Should I Securely Erase ...

White Paper HP Secure Disk Erase

White Paper HP Secure Disk Erase Version 1.0 October 4 th, 2007 Abstract: To meet the needs for higher levels of Print and Imaging security, HP has implemented a disk erase feature which meets the U.S. Department of Defense 5220-22.M requirements for the clearing of disk media.

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To enable HPSecure Erase, configure the"File Erase Mode"setting: Non-secure Fast Erase mode: Marks the print job data as deleted only Secure FastErase mode: ...

BlackBerry Word Template

The BlackBerry device user can also use the application loader tool in the BlackBerry Desktop Software to erase all user and application data on the BlackBerry device, ...

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but not limited to, manufacturing and application for clear dry-erase coatings as required for the complete performance of the work, and as shown on the Drawings and as herein specified.

Secure Erase of Computer Disk Data

Following are some statistics on computer loss and theft 1: • Statistics show that 1 of every 14 laptops is stolen, and over 2,000 computers are stolen every day in this country.

HP Secure Erase for Imaging and Printing

White Paper January 2007 Document Version: 3 Imaging and Printing Group Hewlett-Packard Company Contents 1 Introduction .....2 2 Data Affected .....2 3 Default Setting.....3 4 Specifications .....3 5 Common Usage Environment ...

Reliably Erasing Data From Flash-Based Solid State Drives

The ATA and SCSI command sets include "secure erase"commands that should sanitize an entire disk. Physical destruction and degaussing are also effec-tive.