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Energy Experiments: Getting Started

You will spend 2 to 3 lab periods on each experiment you do (2 different experiments in each of the units of the course for a total of 6 during the term) .

Do Politicians Racially Discriminate against Constituents? A ...

1 Do Politicians Racially Discriminate against Constituents? A Field Experiment on State Legislator s * Short Title: Do politicians racially discriminate?

Freshwater Ecosystems Objectives Materials

Partnership s for Reform through Inves tigative Science and Math Brine Shrimp Hatching Experiment 1 Concepts All animals are responsive to their surrounding environment.

Fruit Batteries

Use only one type of cathode although the experiment can be repeated with different cathodes and checked against the different types of anode materials.

Experiment #1: Carbohydrate Digestion

2 Experiment #2: Protein Digestion •Incubate tubes 1,2,4 and 5 at 37 C for 1.5 hours •Observe any digestion of egg white undigested digested Experiment #3: Fat Digestion •add 3.0 ml of cream to each tube •Tube 1-5.0 ml water + few grains of bile salts •Tube 2-5.0 ml pancreatin •Tube ...

CSSF 2006 Project Summary

CALIFORNIA STATE SCIENCE FAIR 2006 PROJECT SUMMARY Ap2/06 Name(s) Project Number Project Title Abstract Summary Statement Help Received Timothy D. Tang Boiling Point Elevation J0535 Objectives/Goals This science experiment is being done on boiling point elevation, or the law that says adding ...

Butterfly Experiments - Grades 3 and up

Butterfly Experiment 2 : What do butterflies do all day? Purpose : To focus on science process and doing science. Students will learn about science process, ...

Lesson Plan 10

Lesson Plan Classic Candle Experiment Brief description Students will find this classic experiment fun to do and amazing to watch but trickier to explain.


Undergraduate Physics Labs, Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, Michigan State Univ. Moment of Inertia, Version 1.1, December 23, 1997 Page 1 EXPERIMENT: MOMENT OF INERTIA OBJECTIVES : 1) To familiarize yourself with the concept of the moment of inertia, I , which plays the same role in the ...


236 A. LAZCANO AND J. L. BADA his intuition, Oparin needed to demonstrate that organic compounds could form in the absence of living beings. Although he did not perform any actual experimental simulations of the primitive milieu, several important pieces of information supported his claim ...