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Juice — Unsweetened apple juice, pineapple juice, or white grape juice may be good options, depending upon the type of fruit being processed.

List of Fruit Varieties

NUMBER 151, 1997 ISSN 0362-0069 New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, a Division of the New York State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences A Statutory College of the State University, at Cornell University List of Fruit Varieties Named at the New York State Agricultural Experiment ...


Fruit and Vegetable Cooperdives Farmer cooperatives play a significant role in marketing fruits and vegetables grown in the United States. In 1988, cooperatives held a market share of more than 20 percent of all fruit and vegetable sales, a continuation of a steady rise in market share from ...


ELDERBERRY RESEARCH AND PRODUCTION IN MISSOURI Patrick Byers, Department of Fruit Science, Missouri State University and Andrew Thomas, Southwest Research and Education Center, University of Missouri ( Editor's note: I was privileged to meet Patrick Byers while driving an airport shuttle van for ...


SELECT AND PREPARE FRUIT Choose fresh, firm, high quality fruit. Wash all fruits thoroughly under running water. Do not let fruits soak; they may lose flavor and nutritive value.

Growth Stages in Fruit Trees— From Dormant to Fruit Set

Deciduous fruit trees pass through a series of fairly definite growth steps or stages in the spring. Fruit growers and those who serve the fruit industry in a research, regulatory, or advisory capacity or as suppliers of pesticides, fertilizers, etc., will often have occasion to refer to these ...

Juice or Fruit Drinks?

Provided by NIBBLES FOR HEALTH 20 Nutrition Newsletters for Parents of Young Children, USDA, Food and Nutrition Service Juice or Fruit Drinks? Why Fruit Juice?


RASPBERRIES AND RELATED FRUIT Dr. Marvin Pritts, Department of Horticulture, Cornell University's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Ithaca, NY 14853 (For more information visit www.fruit.cornell.edu ) aspberries are a high-value crop due to their unique flavor, exacting climatic ...

drying fruits/vegs new

Drying the Prepared Fruit Whichever drying method you choose-sun drying, solar drying, oven drying or dehydrator drying-be sure to place the fruit in a single layer on the drying trays.

Fruit and Vegetable Market News User Guide

Fruit and Vegetable Market News User Guide Page 1 Table of Contents Internet Information .....2 Overview of Services ..... 3-4 Market News Portal ...