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Gjakovë/Đakovica April 2008

Gjakovë/Đakovica April 2008 1. Area and Population • Gjakovë/Đakovica Municipality covers an area of 521 km² consisting of the main town and 84 villages.

Kujtesa expands in the city of Gjakova

Press Release _____ PRESS RELEASE Kujtesa expands in the city of Gjakova Pristina, Kosovo - May 4, 2007 -Kujtesa has expanded its broadband network coverage in the city of Gjakova to keep up with accelerating customer demand ...

Hotel Pashtriku

Hotel Pashtriku Name: Hotel Pashtriku Address: Str "Nëna Tereze" No. 258 Municipality: Gjakovë/Gjakovica Region: Pejë/Pec Managing Director: Afrim Radoniqi Workforce: 124 Annual Revenues ...

From War Trauma to Integration

From War Trauma to Integration A Publication Documenting a Decade of Work by Medica Kosova (1999 – 2009)

Under the patronage of the

KOGA Annual Conference 2010 and 2nd RCOG-Eurovision Conference Under the patronage of the

"Know your court"

"Know your court" Organization and structure of the court Gjakovë/-akovica Municipal Court has adopted the following Mission Statement: "Our mission is to apply the law impartially, equally, and in a timely manner to all citizens with transparency and professionalism.

Kosovo Minister's Friends Flourish from Road Bonanza

... Fadil Bytyçi 2/12/2008 59 Lot 9 DRENI INGINIERING 1640279.8 Skenderaj Adnan Lushtaku 25/7/2003 3 LOTI KAG ASPHALT 598998340 Pi Ramadan Gashi Esad Gashi 22/7/2003 35 SLLATINE LOT I KAG ASPHALT 5, 989, 983.40 Prizren Esad Gashi Bashkim Maliqi Besdrush Shyti 22/7/2003 35 HIDROELEKTRA Zagreb Rade Pilipovi¸ NA NA ARJAK Gjakove Dukagjin ...

Indicators and Statistical data in Education

The structure of the education personnel, according to municipalities and school years MUNICIPALITY 2004 /05 2005 /06 2006 /07 Deçan/Dećani 565 559 521 Dragash/Dragaš 461 430 413 Ferizaj/Uroševac 316 314 321 Fushē Kosovë/Kosovo Polje1,3341,3781,397 Gjakovë/Đakovica 1,3311,2131,214 Gjilan/Gnjilane 1,3021,2631,364 ...


1 European Agency for Reconstruction Operational Centre –Pristina Procurement Unit Pristina, 28 September 2006 D (06) MDV/ag 1908 Minutes of the Information Meeting.

Compiled by the Department of Democratization

3 1. Introduction: Area and Population Prishtinë/Priština municipality is located at the northeast edge of the Kosovo plain in the centre of Kosovo, acting as the provincial capital.