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What Is Groundwater?

Groundwater When rain falls to the ground, the water does not stop moving. Some of it flows along the surface in streams or lakes, some of it is used by plants, some evaporates and returns to the atmosphere, and some sinks into the ground.

Groundwater - reservoir for a thirsty planet?

What is this brochure for? This brochure is a prospectus for one of the main scientific themes of the International Year of Planet Earth. It describes, in accessible terms, why this particular theme has been chosen - why the research that the Year hopes to support under this theme is of such ...

Chapter 9* - Groundwater

Water Quality Assessments - A Guide to Use of Biota, Sediments and Water in Environmental Monitoring - Second Edition Edited by Deborah Chapman © 1992, 1996 UNESCO/WHO/UNEP ISBN 0 419 21590 5 (HB) 0 419 21600 6 (PB) Chapter 9* - Groundwater *This chapter was prepared by J. Chilton 9.1.

rOuNdWaTeR cTs

How is groundwater contaminated? In the past, because we did not understand how vulnerable groundwater was, we have been careless. Even today gasoline and other harmful liquids leak from underground storage tanks into the groundwater supply.

GROUNDWATER - groundwater

GROUNDWATER As you pour that glass of water from the tap, think about where the water is most likely coming from. Your glass is probably being filled with water emanating from below the ground as

Water Cycle Crossword

ACROSS 1. Layers of soil, sand and rocks that store groundwater. 5. To contaminate, to become unclean. 7. Water that is found underground in the cracks and spaces in the soil, sand and rocks.

Groundwater: A Primer for Pennsylvanians

1 "Give me the good old well water anytime," said the teenager as he watched the backflushing of a sandfilter while touring a water treatment plant.

Groundwater Quality and Groundwater Pollution

Reference: Groundwater Quality and Groundwater Pollution THOMAS HARTER is UC Cooperative Extension Hydrogeology Specialist, University of California, Davis, and Kearney Agricultural Center.


F-52 GROUNDWATER Groundwater begins with precipitation that seeps into the ground. The amount of water that seeps into the ground will vary widely from place to place, depending on the slope of the land, amount and intensity of rainfall, and type of land surface.

Groundwater: a global assessment of scale and significance

10 Groundwater: a global assessment of scale and significance Groundwater boom and bust? Artist: Supriyo Das, India Coordinating lead author: Tushaar Shah Lead authors: Jacob Burke and Karen Villholth Contributing authors: Maria Angelica, Emilio Custodio, Fadia Daibes, Jaime Hoogesteger, Mark ...