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Poinsettias For Florida, Indoors and Outdoors1

Watering Water relations are a crucial consideration for growing poinsettias, since prolonged dryness will result in the loss of lower leaves.

Growing Potatoes Successfully

© 2007 The Maine Potato Lady™ P.O. Box 65, Guilford, ME 04443 ] Phone: 207-343-2270 ] www.mainepotatolady.com . Growing Potatoes Successfully . Advice and Tips from The Maine Potato Lady™

Growing a Better Future: Food justice in a resource ...

Author: Robert Bailey Acknowledgements This report was written by Robert Bailey and coordinated by Gonzalo Fanjul. Its development was a co-operative effort, involving Oxfam staff and partner organisations.

get growing!

out look • MAY 2007 Involving children in growing projects in your setting not only gives them the chance to experience the rewards of growing first-hand, but also helps to develop an understanding of healthy diets, raise awareness of where food comes from and how we rely on plants for food ...

Growing lychee in Hawaii

Cooperative Extension Service Fruits and Nuts June 1999 F&N-2 Growing Lychee in Hawaii Francis Zee 1, Mike 2, Melvin 3, and 3 Many locations in Hawaii are therefore ychee is a popular tree in Hawaii, less than ideal for reliable and consis-L valued for its delicious fruit.

Management Issues for the Growing Business

INTRODUCTION Effective management is the key to the establishment and growth of the business. The key to successful management is to examine the marketplace environment and create employment and profit opportunities that provide the potential growth and financial viability of the business.

Growing and Marketing Woodland Botanicals

274 Reprinted from: Issues in new crops and new uses. 2007. J. Janick and A. Whipkey (eds.). ASHS Press, Alexandria, VA. Growing and Marketing Woodland Botanicals Jeanine M. Davis Medicinal herbs are increasing in popularity across the world.

Master Gardener Newspaper Articles

Tulare/Kings Counties Volunteer Program Master Gardener Newspaper Articles Tips for Growing Tasty Tomatoes By Michelle Le Strange, Master Gardener Advisor Tomatoes are the most popular homegrown vegetable in the world.

Growing Asparagus in Wisconsin

Growing Asparagus in Wisconsin Karen Delahaut Fresh Market Vegetable Program Coordinator Asparagus (Asparagus officianalis) is a member of the lily family (Liliaceae).

Growing Up Healthy

Developed by the Nutrition, Dental, and Health Education Subcommittees of the California Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP) Program Executive Committee.