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C ASE S TUDIES IN THE D IFFERENTIAL D IAGNOSIS OF H EADACHE OVERVIEW ยง ACTIVITY OVERVIEW Despite the advances of recent years, approximately half of all people with migraine have never received a medical diagnosis and most treat their headaches exclusively with nonspecific, over-the-counter ...


NUMBER 3 Migraine in children The majority of children who experience chronic headaches have migraines. 1 Migraine symptoms may begin in infancy, ...

Headaches: A Clinical Approach

Headaches: A Clinical Approach Dion Graybeal, M.D. 1) QUESTION: What is the etiology for this patient's headache? 2) HYPOTHESIS: Stress ("tension" headache) 3) COMPETING HYPOTHESIS: Migraine (vascular headache) 4) DATA (HISTORY): Try to prove it's a migraine headache a) Location - "Where is the ...


Headaches What are headaches? Headache pain occurs in the tissues covering the brain, and in the muscles and blood vessels around the scalp, face, and neck.

HEADACHE - I History

Some headaches are more worrisome than most. Table 2 is a list of headaches with accompanying features that usually demand further testing to exclude serious or even fatal outcomes: ...

Headaches: Hunting Down the Cause of Your Pain

Headaches: Hunting Down the Cause of Your Pain The Pastore Philosophy "It is my view that one diet does not fit all. We are all biochemic ally unique, thus nutritional protocols must be tailored for the individual.


165 Introduction Headache is a nearly universal symptom. Migraine, and other headaches can be highly disabling, and impose a significant burden, both in economic terms and in personal suffering.

Headaches in Children

Department of Neurology . 13123 East 16 th Ave., Aurora, CO 80045 . Phone: (720) 777-6895 . Headaches in Children . Headaches can be a common problem in children.


... When should I seek help for my headaches? A: *Sometimes,*headache*can*signal*a*more* serious*problem.*You*should*talk*to* your*doctor*about*your*headaches*if: ...

Headaches and Hydrocephalus

Headaches and Hydrocephalus It is not uncommon for people with hydrocephalus to experience headaches. This Information Sheet will discuss headaches and hydrocephalus in an attempt to give a better understanding of the issues.