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Common Honeylocust

Common Honeylocust (Gleditsia triacanthos) General Description A fast-growing medium-sized tree adapted to a wide variety of soils, including alkaline soils.

Gleditisia triacanthose L.

Tolerance of honeylocust seedlings to soil-applied salts . Hortscience 9:53-54. Duke, J.A. 1983. Handbook of energy crops . Unpublished. Center for New Crops & Plant Products, ...


HONEYLOCUST Gleditsia triacanthos Native Range Honeylocust can be found growing in woodlands and abandoned fields throughout the state. Mature Size Although not related to black locust, honeylocust belongs in the legume family.


Honeylocust Honeylocust, Gleditsia triacanthos , is a deciduous hardwood commonly planted in cities as a street tree. Honeylocust is native to the east central United States, where it grows in rich, moist soils along streams.

Honeylocust Disorder: Canker Diseases in Wisconsin (A3281)

H oneylocust disorder: Canker diseases in Wisconsin The honeylocust has become an increasingly important street and landscape tree in Wisconsin. Finer textured and less formal than most other trees, the honeylocust forms a pleasing silhouette against large buildings or the open sky.

Skyline® Honeylocust ( Gleditsia triacanthos )

(photo from Beaver Creek Nursery website) (photo from U. of Wisconsin Extension) Skyline® Honeylocust ( Gleditsia triacanthos ) Origin: Cole Nursery (OH); species native to Michigan Mature Size: Large (>45' tall) Description: Skyline® Honeylocust has a moderate growth rate, and is tolerant ...

Pests of Trees and Shrubs

IPM of Midwest Landscapes 151 Pests of Trees and Shrubs Honeylocust spider mite adult. The orange color indicates an overwintered adult. (149) Photo: John Davidson Bronzing damage to leaves caused by honeylocust spider mite feeding.


186 GROWTH HABITS OF FIVE CULTIVARS OF GLEDITSIA TRIACANTHOS 1 BY Heidi Haserodt and T. Davis Sydnor Abstract. Honeylocust are environmentally tolerant trees with good branch structure and open branching.

Gleditsiatriacanthos var. inermis'Shademaster' 'Shademaster ...

Fact SheetST-281 November 1993 Gleditsiatriacanthos var. inermis'Shademaster' Figure1. Middle-aged'Shademaster'Thornless Honeylocust. 'Shademaster'Thornless Honeylocust 1 EdwardF.

Honeylocust Disorder: Plant Bugs and Leafhoppers (A3636)

H oneylocust disorder: Plant bugs and leafhoppers In the 1970s, when Dutch elm disease was ravaging Wisconsin elms, many people considered the honeylocust a perfect landscape tree.