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Worksman Heavy-Duty Bicycle Owner *s Manual and Parts List

INSTALLING PEDALS AND KICKSTAND: 1) Install kickstand. 2) Pedals are marked on the shaft with either an *L * or *R * denoting left or right. The *R * pedal fits on the right (sprocket side) of the crank arm.

L528 Maxilift trailer suspension/Maxilok trailer support ...

MaxiLift ® /Maxilok ® Operating Instructions PULL TO RAISE PUSH TO RESET (1) Yellow (3) Grey (4) Blue (5) Black (6) Red 1 Air reservoir input 3 Kickstand position valve 4 Kickstand 5 HCV Output 6 Air springs

Mantis Tiller Manual 401702

Here's your new MANTIS Tiller . . . the lightweight wonder that "Makes Gardening Easier." Unlike big tillers, your MANTIS Tiller weighs only 20 pounds.

Helena Chemical Company 25-AUG-2004 10:34:16

Helena Chemical Company 25-AUG-2004 10:34:16 PH: 901-761-0050 Page 2 Of 4 CHEMTREC: 800-424-9300 Material Safety Data Sheet Effective Date: 25-AUG-2004 Product: KICKSTAND PGR ...

Hard To Start Marauder 800

If it is in gear, your bike will take off on its own, come off the kickstand, fall, damage your handlebars, dent your tank, bust up your front fender, snap off your levers, break your left wrist and kill the neighbors cat.

Thanks for Ordering The Kawasaki KLR Lowering Kit from

The only thing left to do, after a radical lowering job, is to correct the kickstand angle and or length. Most often, lowering the entire bike 2", or the rear down to 3", doesn't require modification to the kickstand.

How to cut down a motorcycle seat

How to Cut Down a Motorcycle Saddle If you'd rather cut down your motorcycle's saddle than buy a new one, here are the details on the procedure.

Kickstand FXR-FLT

untitled untitled. 174 FLT Jiffy Stand is a chrome plated stock replacement kick-stand. VT No. OEM Item 27-1694 50075-83A 1983-90 FLT Kickstand with Spring 27-1695 50075-91 1991-up FLT Kickstand 13-9162 50005-85A 1985-98 FLT Kickstand Spring 13-0182 50112-99 1999-up FLT Kickstand Spring 28-0400 ...


Operating instructions: 1) Roll the lift in under the motorcycle from the opposite side of your kickstand. If the lift will not roll under the bike it may be necessary to either place a board under your kickstand to level the bike up or roll your back tire up on a small board to gain access under your ...

Sun Recumbent Bike, Trike and Tandem Accessories and Parts

A mirror, speedometer, kickstand, or water-bottles you know will fit? Yes. We know they fit because we are the largest Sun recumbent dealer in the Northeast and we often install them on our customers' bikes.