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Knife Tip: For best control, slide palm along work surface to provide support. "We use the retractable knives to open boxes. We have a soup kitchen and when we're in a rush to get hundreds of boxes of food cut open, it's wonderful to be able to slide the blade on the X-ACTO knife open, cut cleanly, and ...

knifemakers state-by-state

286 KNIVES 2007 Schrader, Robert Bend Sevey Custom Knife, Gold Beach Sheehy, Thomas J. Portland Shoger, Mark O. Beaverton Smith, Rick Rogue River Thompson, Leon Gaston Thompson, Tommy Portland Vallotton, Butch And Arey Oakland Vallotton, Rainy D. Umpqua Vallotton, Shawn Oakland Vallotton, Thomas Oakland PA Anderson ...

The Tang Stamps Of Adolph Kastor, Camillus and Their Cutlery ...

DRGM (German Patent abbreviation) - as found on pocket knife tool kits Germany 1876-1918 & 1933-1945 Confirmed - but also made by others Kastor / Camillus Duane Cutlery Co. Germany Germany 1910-1920 Confirmed Kastor Duane Cutlery Germany Germany 1910-1920 Suspect Kastor?


2 Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener Safety Information You will be creating incredibly sharp knives and tools with this sharpener. Please handle them with care.

Illustrated Guide to Kitchen Knives

KEEPING KNIVES SHARP a knife loses its sharpness when the fine tip of the cutting edge gets knocked slightly out of alignment, which can happen any time the blade makes contact with food or a cutting board. the knife may "act dull" even though the edge is still quite sharp —it's just pointed in the ...


April 2006 Our membership is happily involved with international "Anything that goes'cut'!" Lane Events Center&Fairgrounds Eugene, Oregon OKCA 31thAnnual April 8-9 KNIFE SHOW Come have fun at o ur show and wisha happy 31thanniversary to us!!!

Knife Laws More and more Cities and Counties are putting ...

Knife Laws . More and more Cities and Counties are putting their ordinances online. The best way to find out the ordinances of any City/Co is to go to Municode and click on your state and see if they city you want to

KNIFE - There will be an argument if knifes are crossed at a ...

KNIFE SUPERSTITIONS By LRV 2007 I was raised by my grandparents and was always interested in their superstitions. Many of these were based on safety and I found were really an easier way to remember not to do something.

Application for Employment

Email entire application to pam.michalies@kniferiver.com or mail the application to Pam Michalies at Knife River - Billings Division, P.O. Box 80066, Billings, MT 59108.