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Excel lookup functions explained

© Ray Blake, GR Business Process Solutions Page 1 Excel lookup functions explained Using VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, INDEX and MATCH in Excel to interrogate data tables.

What is VLOOKUP?

Range_lookup should be FALSE to have an exact match. Use True if you want partial matches. Important! The columns with the PIN codes need to be formatted as TEXT!

Using HLOOKUP and VLOOKUP Functions

28 Microsoft Excel Version 2002 Step by Step Courseware Instructor Guide Using HLOOKUP and VLOOKUP Functions Excel provides two lookup functions that can be used to retrieve informat ion stored in a table: VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP.


Context Distributed systems where clients need to retrieve initial references to distributed objects or services. Problem In a distributed system, a server may offer one or more services to clients.


MICHIGAN DEPARTMENT OF STATE - RECORD LOOKUP REQUEST. If you are requesting records about . someone other than yourself, please complete this form.

Lesson 3-22: Use a VLOOKUP function for an exact lookup

Learn Excel 2007 Expert Skills with The Smart Method 140 www.LearnMicrosoftExcel.com Lesson 3-22: Use a VLOOKUP function for an exact lookup Consider the following worksheet: The retailer has created a stock code to save time when creating invoices.

Using SAS to Perform a Table Lookup

SSC Pub.# 4-1 1 Using SAS to Perform a Table Lookup Last revised: 05/22/96 Table lookup is the technique you use to acquire additional information from an auxiliary source to supplement or replace information being processed in your SAS data set.

Fannie Mae Loan Lookup FAQs - March 2009

Fannie Mae Loan Lookup FAQs 1. Who is Fannie Mae and what do they do? Fannie Mae is a government-chartered company with a mission to provide a stable source of funding to the U.S. housing and mortgage markets.

Routing Lookups in Hardware at Memory Access Speeds

One limitation of router performance is the route lookup mechanism. IP routing requires that a router perform a longest-prefix-match address lookup for each incoming datagram in order to determine the datagram's next hop.

Excel Lookup*

Overview of the AFS Master System Page- 44 - Excel Lookup The Excel Lookup option gives users even more flexibility in entering the data used by the AFS Master System.