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What Makes a Leader?

What Makes a Leader? • B EST OF HBR 1998 harvard business review • january 2004 page 2 Daniel Goleman is the author of Emo-tional Intelligence (Bantam, 1995) and a coauthor of Primal Leadership: Realizing the Power of Emotional Intelli-gence (Harvard Business School, 2002).

What Makes a Leader?

-2- What Makes a Leader? By Daniel Goleman Harvard Business Review November-December 1998 Every Business person knows a story about a highly intelligent, highly skilled executive who was promoted into a leadership position only to fail at the job.

Wind Energy is Renewable

Today wind energy makes a small amount of the . electricity we use in the United States. Most of the big wind farms are in Texas. There are plans for many more all ...

"Man MakesHimself"by Jean-Paul Sartre

Thus, the conception of man in the mind of God is compa-rabletothatofthe paper-knife in the mind of the artisan: God makes man according to a procedure and a conception, ...

Editor's Introduction: Writing 'Race' and the Difference It Makes

Editor's Introduction: Writing "Race" and the Difference It Makes Author(s): Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Source: Critical Inquiry, Vol. 12, No. 1, "Race," Writing, and Difference (Autumn, 1985), pp. 1

What Makes a Good Project Manager

Phone: 610.853.3679 www.pmsolutions. com Fax: 610.853.0527 EXPERT SERIES M ANY OF US HAVE FALLEN INTO THE PROFESSION OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT . Now that we're here, what does it take to make us one of the best?

What Makes KIPP Work? A Study of Student Characteristics ...

What Makes KIPP Work? A Study of Student Characteristics, Attrition, and School Finance Gary Miron, Jessica L. Urschel, and Nicholas Saxton College of Education and Human Development Western Michigan University March 2011 Paper Jointly Released by the National Center for the Study of ...

What Makes a Small Farm Successful?

Agricultural Outlook/November 1999 Economic Research Service/USDA 7 Farm & Rural Communities F arms and farm families remain powerful symbols in American culture.

What Makes a Good Project?

20 the creative educator Teachers instinctively know that projects are worthwhile, even if they do not understand every facet of a good project or have experience supporting project-based learning.

What Makes Leaders Great

T Those who study leadership have spent years asking the difficult questions: Can leadership be taught? Can it be learned? One look at the number of new leadership-based centers and programs cropping up at schools worldwide makes it seem as if they've found their answers.