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441 THE (WEBER'S) LAW THAT NEVER WAS Sergio Cesare Masin University of Padua, Italy scm@unipd.it Abstract In the literature, attempts have been made to defend Weber's law against the empirical evidence that contradicts it.

Linda Masin

In This Issue… Linda Masin 2008 ASCLS-MT Member of the Year Linda Masin was named ASCLS-MT Member of the Year at the Spring Meeting held in Helena in April.

A magnitude estimation study of the inverted-T illusion

Perceptton& Psychophysics 1983, 33 (6), 582-584 A magnitude estimation study of the inverted-T illusion SERGIO CESARE MASIN and GIULIO VIDOTTO Univemity of Padua, Padua, Italy The inverted-T illusion was studied by the magnitude estimation method.

Instructor Outline California Real Estate Law , 6th Edition

Easement by prescription (Discuss Dieterich International Truck Sales, and Masin v. LaMarche cases.) G. Easement by implication (Discuss Dubin v.

GENERAL ALLEGATIONS - Knowing Disobedience of the Rules of a ...

Masin in July 2001. 3. During the proceedings, respondent persisted in arguing with Judge Masin after Judge Masin made evidentiary rulings (Exhibits 1, 2

State Board of Examiners Decision

The DAG further argued that ALJ Masin erred in relying on Dr. Chase's testimony to dismiss the Order to Show Cause since he was not a qualified expert in treating sexual predators and possessed "no specific knowledge as to how respondent's behavior may impact his abilities as a teacher."

ASCLS-MT Has a New President

In the photo above, Past-President, Linda Masin (left) accepts a gift from Joni in gratitude for her past year of service as President of ASCLS-Montana.

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2006-07 Donors to the YWCA

Leslie Kenfield Robert Kozell Lakeridge High School Kathleen Lansing LDS Portland Bishop's Storehouse Barbara Leicht Gary Lewis Liner & Elsen Ray Luceno Gary Maffei & Marcus Lintner Molly Magee Valerie Malinosky Roxann Mansfield Max Masin Susie & Robert Masin Shana McClendon Max & Roselyn Meier Deanna Mier ...