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The Meaning Of

Wayne Grudem, "The Meaning Of kefal¾ ("Head"): An Evaluation Of New Evidence, Real And Alleged ," Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 44:1 (March 2001) p. 25-65.

Meaning, Speech Acts, and Communication

[Introduction to Part I, Basic Topics in the Philosophy of Language, ed. by Robert M. Harnish, Prentice-Harll 1994] Meaning, Speech Acts, and Communication Kent Bach There was a time when philosophy of language was concerned less with language and its use than with meanings and propositions.

Takeluma: An Exploration of Sound, Meaning, and Writing

2 0. Abstract Modern linguistic theory suggests that the sign is arbitrary, that the relationship between signifi er and signifi ed has no discernible pattern.


W HEN I WAS ON THE STAFF of the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia, a Council member once asked me, "What does it mean to get a baccalaureate degree?"Although I had been overseeing the assessment program in Virginia for almost a decade, I found myself unable to describe the results ...

Fiduciary, Meaning of

© 2003 International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, Inc. Fiduciary-Meaning 1 Fiduciary-Meaning of? Background Persons performing duties to self-funded health care plans may well ask this question: Do my actions make me a fiduciary with respect to such actions?


MEANING C ONSIDER the following sentences: "Those spots mean (meant) measles." "Those spots didn't mean anything to me, but to the doctor they meant measles."

Life, Death, and Meaning

Life, Death, and Meaning PHIL 4830-001 Wes Morriston Department of Philosophy Hellems 280 303-492-8297 Wes.Morriston@Colorado.EDU Office hours: TR 2:00-3:30 and by appointment (After 3:30 on TR usually works for me, but you need to let me know that you're coming.)


ABSTRACT In the post-reform era, the production of welfare policy is taking shape in an increasingly devolved and discretionary environment. Street-level workers are "making" reform through their day-to-day practices in public, quasi-public, and private agencies, extending even into the private ...


PRASHANTPARIKH COMMUNICATION, MEANING, AND INTERPRETATION 1. I NTRODUCTION In this paper, I give definitions of Gricean communication, speaker meaning, and addressee interpretation.

Common Sense and 'Literal Meaning'

In The Literal and Nonliteral in Language and Thought , Seana Coulson and Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk (eds.),pp. 147-177. Frankfurt a. Main: Peter Lang. Common Sense and 'Literal Meaning' Michael Israel, Department of English University of Maryland, College Park Words have basic inalienable ...